Posh has to wait for a restaurant table!

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Victoria Beckham at New York Fashion Week_Rex
Posh has to hang around for a whole half hour

Victoria Beckham has had to queue for a table in a New York restaurant because it was packed to bursting with celebs.

The Spice Girl, 33, hung around for over 30 minutes at Michael's, while other A-listers finished their meals.

'It was a room full of movers and shakers and the maître d' kept her waiting for half an hour for a table,' a source reveals.

'She looked really upset but, let's put it this way, there were a lot more important people in the room than her!'

Posh wasn't best-pleased.

'Victoria was twitching in her seat and constantly checking her BlackBerry,' the source tells Star. 'She looked really upset.'

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