Suzanne Shaw wins celeb mum of the year award

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Suzanne Shaw wins celebrity mum of the year award_rex
Suzanne Shaw has been voted Celebrity Mum Of The Year.

The ex-Hear'Say singer saw off competition from Myleene Klass, Kym Ryder, Heather Mills, Charlotte Church, and 4 of the Spice Girls.

'I wouldn't say I'm a better mum,' insists Suzanne, who takes over from 2007 winner Jordan.

'This is for all the mums out there, every celebrity mum. I don't think you can say who is a better mum than who.'

Suzanne, 26, became a single mum to baby son Corey, now 3, after former fiancé Darren Day walked out on her.

'I do feel it's really good to show that you can do it alone,' she tells the Daily Record. 'My son got me through it. Survival kicks in.'

Suzanne is now dating DJ Jason King.

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