Kerry vs Posh

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Kerry Katona
Kerry Katona has only been out of hospital a few days but she's feeling well enough to slag off Victoria Beckham.

The TV star can't stand the fact Posh, 33, has lots of A-list pals.

'Victoria Beckham is doing my head in because she seems to get a new best friend every week,' she fumes.

'One minute it's Cheryl Cole, then it's Katie Holmes, then J.Lo and now it's Kate Beckinsale. I think people who flit from one friendship to another on a daily basis have issues.'

And Kerry – who has fallen out again with on-off friend Jordan – thinks Posh should patch things up with sibling Louise.

'I read something about Victoria falling out with her sister,' she writes in her OK! diary.

'In my opinion she should be concentrating on her family rather than making new friends.'

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Kerry, 27, no longer speaks to her mum Susan, 48, or her husband Mark Croft's mother Marilyn.

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