George Sampson's story is to become a film

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George Sampson
Hollywood producers want to make a biopic of George Sampson's rise to fame.

Filmmakers reckon the Britain’s Got Talent winner’s Billy Elliot-style story is great movie material.

‘They reckon George’s story could be a perfect follow-up to Billy,’ a source tells The Sun. ‘There are a lot of similarities.’

In the 2000 film, Billy had to overcome the prejudices of his family who didn't want him to do ballet.

George, 14, had to busk in the streets to pay for dance lessons and endured taunts from classmates.

Meanwhile, the remix of Singin’ In The Rain by Mint Royale, the soundtrack to George's winning routine, is set to top the singles’ chart on Sunday.

And now cheeky George reckons the band owes him one.

‘They should put me in the music video,’ he tells the Daily Mirror.

Singin' In The Rain is outselling Rihanna's Take A Bow by 2 to 1.

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