Big Brother double eviction twist

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Davina and the Big Brother eye_channel 4
Tonight, two housemates will leave the show in a surprise eviction. But that's not all Big Brother has in store for the unsuspecting six.

The public has been voting all week to kick out two of the remaining housemates before this Friday's final.

It's between Rex, Darnell, Kat, Mikey, Sara, Mo and Rachel. But, in true Big Brother style, there's a twist in the tale. The eviction will take place during a cross-dressing party!

So, if Rex is voted out (please, please, please let it be him), he may well have to leave, face the crowds and have his exit interview in Kat's dress. There is a God!

Continued below...

So don't forget to tune in tonight, even if you've not been following it this year, as we reckon it's going to get really good in next few days...

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