Sharon's bonkers!

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Sharon Stone has been displaying some odd behaviour
Sharon Stone suggested her 8-year-old son have Botox injections in his feet to stop them smelling, according to court papers.

The Basic Instinct star, 50, is accused of 'overreacting' to medical issues involving Roan in a document obtained by TMZ.

Last month, the court ruled that her son should live permanently with her ex-husband Phil Bronstein, 57, in San Francisco.

In the 'Tentative Statement Of Decision', Superior Court Judge Anne-Christine Massullo apparently says: 'Mother suggested that Roan should have Botox injections in his feet to resolve a problem he had with foot odor.

'As father appropriately noted, the simple and common sense approach of making sure Roan wore socks with his shoes and used foot deodorant corrected the odor problem without the need for any invasive procedure on this young child.'

Sharon and Phil divorced in early 2004.

She has two other adopted sons - Laird Vonne, 3, and Quinn Kelly, 2.

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A spokesman for Sharon was unavailable for comment.

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