X Factor first live show low-down

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X Factor's Laura White
Tonight is the first X Factor live show and we're slightly beside ourselves with excitement!

All 12 of the contestants and groups will be singing 'number 1s' for their debut performances, but show bosses are being very tight lipped about the song titles. (Although, between you and us, we've heard that Rachel Hylton is going to be singing Robyn's With Every Heart - shhhh.)

In other X Factor news, the contestants have all had their makeovers and are looking hot to trot. Especially Austin Drage, or is that just us?

We've also heard rumours that Rachel and Dannii have already been fighting. Apparently, Rachel doesn't feel the song she's been given suits her voice. We reckon the tension's only going to get worse in that relationship...

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So, tune in tonight, 7.15pm ITV1. As an added bonus, last year's winner, Leon, (yes, we'd forgotten about him too!) will be performing on the show.

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