Madonna the spy?

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Madonna leaving the gym
With all the mud slinging that's been going on between Madonna and Guy Ritchie, it's easy to lose track of who said what about who.

But this one's going to stick in our memories.

Apparently, Guy reckons Madonna's been spying on him. Not by hiding in bushes and wearing a fake moustache you understand. No, the Queen of Pop has - according to - been asking her staff to keep tabs on Guy around the clock.

She even managed to get some of her people into a 'Ritchie' family meal he was having.

This goes some way to back up claims we heard last week that Madonna is a total control freak who wouldn't let Guy live his own life.

Divorce tends to bring out the worst in people, but the sad thing is, we've got the feeling this battle has only just begun...

Where to next?

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