SATC 2 is on its way!

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Sex and the city US premiere_rex
Kim Cattrall has let slip that there will be a Sex And The City sequel. Altogether now - hurrah!

While appearing on the Paul O'Grady Show, Kim told Mel B (who was guest host on the programme) that there was a follow-up movie in the pipeline.

But what on earth can they possibly do with the characters now? Carrie got her her Big happy ending, Charlotte and Harry have the perfect 2.4 family, Miranda and Steve finally settled their differences and Samantha, well, she'll always just be Samantha, won't she?

The writers are going to have a tough job on their hands trying to top the last flick.

Oh well, we're prepared to let them have a go. We spent far more time looking at the beautiful clothes in the first film than we did concentrating on the storyline anyway!

Where to next?

Continued below...

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