Mark Croft wants nothing to do with secret son

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Mark Croft
Kerry Katona's husband Mark Croft doesn't want to know his secret son.

He recently found out he fathered a child with an ex-girlfriend following a paternity test.

But he says he's not planning to be involved in raising the boy, now three-years-old.

'I'm not ready to have another son brought into my life,' he says in a new documentary. 'While it sounds nasty, I've got my family.

'I don't want anything to do with him, though financially I'll do as best I can to help out. It's not up for discussion.'

Mark, 37, and Kerry, 28, have Heidi, 18 months, and Max, 8 months.

He also has six-year-old daughter Keeley from a previous relationship.

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Kerry Katona: 12 Months Of Mayhem airs on MTV One on Sunday at 9pm.

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