'I might not have long left'

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Jade Goody has revealed she only has a 40 per cent chance of beating cervical cancer.

The reality TV star, 27, was diagnosed with the disease last summer and had an emergency hysterectomy.

And doctors have prepared her for the worst.

‘I’m realistic. I know that I might not have that long left,’ she tells the Daily Mirror. ‘I have been – and still am – very poorly.

'I’ve been hanging on to my life with my fingernails. But I will not let go.

'Obviously I have down times when I cry and cry and feel very scared about the future. But I’ve never been suicidal.

'What would be the point of killing myself? I only have 40 per cent chance of living anyway.’

Meanwhile, Jade, who was previously told she had a 50 per cent chance of survival, is delighted boyfriend Jack Tweed, 21, may be released from prison early.

In September, he was jailed for 27 months for attacking a teenager with a golf club in 2006. He is reportedly due out in a matter of weeks.

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