'I won't wed in hospital'

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Jade Goody and Jack Tweed
Jade Goody and fiancé Jack Tweed are planning to marry on Sunday.

The couple were expected to exchange vows in the chapel of London's Royal Marsden Hospital, but the mum-of-two wants to take her vows in a much more romantic setting.

'I am going to die in this hospital, so I don't want to get married here,' Jade tells The Sun. 'Wherever we tie the knot, I'm determined to walk down that aisle.

I've lost my balance and the doctors aren't sure if it's a sign that the cancer has spread to the brain or if it's just weakness.

'But I'm hoping I will have the strength to walk on my big day. It would be so cruel to be robbed of that one last thing as well. I'm so looking forward to being a bride.'

Jade, 27, who now has to use a wheelchair because she's so weak, is considering holding her nuptials at country retreat Down Hall in Herts, with the reception at her Essex home.

'She wants the marquee to be as lavish as possible. It will be decked out in huge glitter balls,' a source tells the Daily Mirror.

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