Videos: Celebs falling on stage!

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Lady Gaga falls over
Okay so we know it's cruel, but we just can't resist having a laugh at these clumsy celebs who took a tumble in the worst of places - on stage

It's always a relief to see that moments of clumsiness don't just happen to us mere mortals, but also befall our celeb friends! Yes indeed falling over on stage has to be one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a celeb, and here to help make matters worse, we've got our favourite clips!

Just click on any of the pictures below to watch these hilarious clips of Lady Gaga slipping during a dance routine, J-Lo falling over at AMAs, Peter Andre at T4, Beyonce in concert, Jerry Springer on live TV, and Robbie Williams at Leeds festival

 Lady Gaga falls on stage


Lady Gaga slips on stage


J-Lo falls on stage



Jennifer Lopez falls over!


Peter Andre falls off stage,


Peter Andre at T4



Beyonce falls


Beyonce in concert!



Jerry Springer falls over


Jerry Springer on Live TV



Robbie Williams falls on stage


Robbie Williams at Leeds Festival



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