Loose Women's party tonight!

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Loose Women are celebrating their 10-year reign as the queens of daytime television and our sister magazine Woman is throwing them a huge party TONIGHT!

We want you to share in the celebrations, so we'll be at the Loose Women party bringing you minute-by-minute gossip and secrets as and when they happen, and we'll even have exclusive behind-the-scenes videos for you to watch!

Tonight we'll be with the ladies as they get ready, and will share all the dressing room gossip via our Twitter page and of course goodtoknow from the celeb-packed event. We can't wait!

And we have some exclusive Loose Women competitions for you! You could win yourself the ultimate Loose Women prize, and get your hands on an official party goodie bag! We also have Woman magazine goodie bags up for grabs, along with a Delanicci 'Extreme' Pink watch from Bellagio Time! Check out our competitions here

Don't forget for your exclusive front-row view into the celebrations next week's issue of Woman magazine will have all the pics, gossip, and backstage secrets from the event!

Visit the Loose Women website for more info

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- See how the Loose ladies have changed over the last 10 years
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