Jedward: The real story!

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Every day at The X Factor house, female fans wave their knickers, even flash their boobs... and all because John and Edward Grimes have waved from the window.

The twins may have been mocked by Simon Cowell, but they've won the hearts of the voting public.

Louis Walsh says: 'They're sweet, naive boys. They asked Robbie Williams to their birthday party and wondered aloud if Britney Spears was going to watch their performance.'

So much is written about the 18-year-old brothers, but little is known about them - until now. Now talks exclusively to their dad John, who reveals what it's really like in Jedward's world...

John and Edward's dad on...

John and Edward's dad on their girlfriends...
'The boys don't just have one girlfriend - they have several! I lose track, but they do have an eye for the ladies. They date a lot but there's been no one serious yet. I think they like the attention they get from The X Factor and they're milking it like any young lads would.'

Their secret wild behaviour...
'The boys have never given us any trouble with drinking or anything like that. They're not interested in alcohol because they're too into their sport. If they're in trouble it's usually over a row about not tidying their rooms or something silly.'

Simon's 'hate' campaign...
'The boys were a bit shocked at first at Simon's reaction to them. They thought they wouldn't get far because he seemed to have it in for them. But Louis told the boys not to worry and he'd protect them. Simon's told the lads privately that he thinks they're entertaining.

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