Cheryl & Ashley split official!

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Cheryl Cole split from Ashley
Cheryl Cole has separated from her husband Ashley, says her spokesman.

The singer, 26, flew to LA following allegations the Chelsea footballer, 29, had cheated on her.

But she arrived back at London's Heathrow airport this morning.

Cheryl and Ashley wed in a lavish ceremony in 2006.

In January 2008, single mum Aimee Walton claimed she had sex with Ashley in December 2007.

Last week, Ashley was accused of cheating on Cheryl on two occasions in late 2008 with a secretary.

Ann Corbitt, 28, then alleged she spent the night with Ashley in Seattle in July 2009.

And Alexandra Taylor, 29, also claims she slept with him hours after he and Cheryl went public with their relationship in 2004.

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