Jade's mum admits drug use

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Jackiey Budden visits Jade Goody's grave, 12 Apr 2009
Jackiey Budden has admitted snorting cocaine ahead of the anniversary of Jade Goody's death.

The 52-year-old was filmed on a drugs binge at a friend's home in Tenerife flat on Friday.

'I feel absolutely disgusted with myself,' says Jackiey.

'What happened was I was going through a hell of a lot of shite over in Tenerife as I was moving my things back...

'[It was] five o'clock one morning and I was so stressed out I thought, "Do you know what? I'll just take two lines." It was the biggest mistake I've ever done.'

Jackiey, who has been clean for nine years, has vowed to stay away from drugs for the sake of grandchildren Bobby, 6, and Freddie, 5.

'I didn't relapse back to a crack head - I took two lines of coke,' she said on This Morning. 'I feel physically sick and disgusted that I even done it.

'It doesn't matter how I done it or the cause to do it, I just shouldn't have done it and I did, and I'm really sorry, but I'm confident I won't do it again because I'm putting the boys in jeopardy as well.'

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