Simon hacks Amanda's Twitter account

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Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden
Some very cheeky updates have appeared on Amanda Holden's Twitter page.

'Simon looks even more handsome tonight. And I'm not wearing any underwear!' The Britain's Got Talent judge Tweeted last night.

Amanda, 39, even reached out to her followers for some relationship advice.

'How do I get Simon to like me?' she posted.

But it was later revealed that Simon Cowell, 50, had hacked into Amanda's account and posted the messages.

'Hey you! Just a Tweet to say Simon was very naughty with his Tweeting in my Twitter tonight,' Amanda added, updating her followers.

But Simon later continued his naughty dialogue on Amanda's account, with comments all seeming to centre around him.

'I am desperate for Simon,' he posted.

'He is so sexy.

'I want Simon to lie on me.'

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