Ashley Cole sends late night 'I miss you' texts to Cheryl Cole

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Ashley Cole
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As Now revealed last week, Derek Hough's busy practising more than his foxtrot with dancer Cheryl Burke - and Cheryl's now facing further turmoil as ex-hubby Ashley Cole's been playing mind games with her.

After boozy nights out with various women, he's been texting Cheryl, 27,to tell her he misses her.

‘Ashley doesn't like being on his own, so when he's not working he's trawling the clubs attracting girls,' a source tells Now.

The 29-year-old was snapped leaving London's Alto club earlier this month with two women - and the police had to intervene when his pals tried to stop the paps getting pictures.

'Ashley gets drunk easily and that's when he starts texting "I miss you babe" to Cheryl,' our source adds.

Too late, Ash!


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