X Factor love match

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The X Factor final 32: 1 Direction
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One Direction's Zayn Malik has confirmed he's seeing fellow X Factor finalist Geneva Lane.

The hunk declared his feelings for the Belle Amie star on Twitter.

'Listen fans i still love yuu all dont be jelous and hate on @genevalane were together whether yuu hate or not,' he Tweets.

Zayn, 17, and Geneva were first linked when they moved into The X Factor house in London.

They were also snapped appearing to share a kiss outside the show's studio in Wembley following Sunday's final.

Zayn had previously denied a romance with Geneva, 20.

'Hey fans, just thought I'd let u guys know don't believe the hype,' he wrote. 'We're just friends and that was a friendly kiss.'

X Factor couple confirm relationship

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