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Simon Cowell Cheryl Cole
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Simon Cowell wasn't impressed by Cheryl Cole's Barbarella hair and purple trousers at the opening auditions of the US X Factor.

The judge oozed confidence in her over-the-top outfit and huge hairdo, but her revamped image was a flop with the public as well as the TV and music mogul.

'Everyone was talking about how she looked - but for all the wrong reasons,' says a US source.

'The level of glamour expected by American audiences is much higher. Here, women in television are groomed to within an inch of their lives.'

Simon, 51, is hunting for a new fashion, hair and make-up team to give 27-year-old Cheryl a brand new look and is reportedly considering asking former Gucci designer Tom Ford and notorious celeb stylist Rachel Zoe for their input.

'[Cheryl] is a gorgeous woman but she needs to get the old-style Hollywood
sophistication and glamour thing going and purple pants just don't cut
it,' the source tells the Mail On Sunday.

'She needs to walk out every night on The X Factor and have viewers'
jaws hitting the floor.'

Cheryl managed to regain some style credit in Cannes last week with a couple of stunning statement gowns.

 Cheryl ColeCheryl Cole

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