Special occasions

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Kids blowing out candles on a birthday cake
Birthdays, parties and Christmas are great fun - but the costs can easily mount up if you don't keep track of what you're spending. Plan ahead and use these tips and you won't break the bank!


When Christmas comes around there's loads of things you can do to save money - and get yourself into the festive spirit too.
- 2010's top kids presents and where to find them!
- 5 ways to save money shopping online
- Save money on Christmas food and drink
- Recycle and save money this Christmas
- More tips to save money at Christmas

Kids' parties

Use our guide to preparing party bags and party food without spending a fortune.

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Grown up parties

Adult parties don't have to be expensive either. Why not make your own cakes and cocktails? It's loads of fun and will add a personal touch to your party. You could start with these:
- Celebration cake recipes
- Classic cakes
- Cocktails with alcohol
- Cocktails without alcohol



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Special occasions

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