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We all know the cost of a trip to a theme park can really add up - so finding a theme park voucher can save you a small fortune! We've searched the web to find the best theme park vouchers here.


2-for-1 theme park vouchers

National Rail are running an offer to get you 2-for-1 tickets to many theme parks and other attractions all over the country.

All you need to do is visit, search for the theme park you want to visit, fill in your details and print the voucher. Then you need a valid train ticket (for both people using the voucher) on the day you're visiting the theme park. This is great if you were planning to travel by train anyway, but if not, you can buy tickets for as little as £2.50 - so just buy a cheap one!

This website has theme park vouchers for Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Diggerland, Drayton Manor, Legoland and loads more. Savings are as much as £31.50 on adult tickets for theme parks like Alton Towers and Thorpe Park - so factoring in the price of a £2.50 train ticket for 2 people, you'd still save £13.25 each on adult tickets.

Get these theme park vouchers

Expires: Ongoing

Tesco Clubcard theme park vouchers

If you've got some points saved on your Tesco Clubcard, you can get some fantastic deals for theme parks.

Just visit the Tesco Clubcard deals website and see what you can convert your points into. At the moment, you can get the following deals:
  • Alton Towers: £11.50 for one day's entry
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach: £9.50 for one day's wristband
  • Camelot: £5 of Clubcard points gives you £20 of reward tokens to spend at Camelot
  • Chessington World of Adventures: £10 for one day's entry
  • Drayton Manor: £10 for one day's entry
  • Legoland Windsor: £11.50 for one day's entry
  • M&D's: £5 of Clubcard points gives you £20 of reward tokens to spend at M&D's
  • Oakwood: £6 for one day's entry
  • Thorpe Park: £11 for one day's entry

Get these theme park vouchers

Expires: Ongoing

Buy online

You'll nearly always make a saving by buying your tickets online in advance. You can find out more details about how much you'll pay at each park (plus where to book) in our theme park tickets feature. But here's a quick overview of the savings you can make:
  • Alton towers: Save £10.50 per adult, £8.40 per child and £33.60 for a family of 4.
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Save £10 per adult, £8 per child and £9 on a family ticket.
  • Chessington World of Adventures: Save £11.88 per adult, £8.64 per child and £8.64 for over 60s.
  • Diggerland: Save £2.01 for people over 90cm tall and £1.01 for people under 90cm tall.
  • Drayton Manor: Save £14 per adult, £4 per child and £2 for over 65s.
  • Flamingo Land: Save £3.50 per adult and child and £7 for a family of 4.
  • Legoland Windsor: Save £4.32 per adult and £3.42 per child.
  • Lightwater Valley: Save £7 for people over 1.3m tall and £3 for people under 1.3m tall.
  • M&D's: Save £1 per person and £2.26 for a family of 4.
  • Oakwood: Save £2 per person and £7 for a family of 4.
  • Thorpe Park: Save £10.50 per adult, £8.40 for children and £34.20 for a family of 4.

More theme park vouchers

Alton Towers: Save up to 40% when you book online
Expires: Ongoing
Get this Alton Towers voucher
Alton Towers: 2-for-1 tickets
Expires: 10th July 2012
Get this Alton Towers voucher




Blackpool Pleasure Beach: £10 off wristbands
Expires: 31st August 2012
Get this Blackpool Pleasure Beach voucher



Camelot: 2-for-1 tickets with this offer from
Expires: 2nd September 2012
Get this Camelot voucher


Thorpe Park: Save 40% off when you book online
Expires: 31st May 2012
Get this Thorpe Park voucher



(All offers correct as of July 2012)

More ways to save at theme parks

It's not just your tickets that cost you money at a theme park, you might also spend on food, drinks, souvenirs, photos and more! Follow these tips to cut down the cost of these extra spends:
  • Pack a raincoat. It's Britain, it's bound to rain. Plus, you might fancy a trip down the log flume. Instead of buying expensive ponchos when you're there, take your raincoats along.
  • Take your own snacks: Make sandwiches and take snacks and drinks along with you - you're likely to save at least £5 per person.
  • Manage spending money: If your kids are likely to nag for a souvenir on the way out (aren't they all?!), then talk to them about this before hand. Perhaps you could tell them that you won't be visiting the gift shop to avoid a tantrum. Alternatively, you could get them to spend their own pocket money. At the very least, discuss a spending limit before you get into the shop.


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