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Julie Johnson

Sell by dates are just a guide, also there are loads of things you can cook when things are a day or two after if you are not happy eating sell by items or even use by, bread and butter pudding, so if you have any jam or marmalade that is by its past date, put this on the bread before cooking your bread and butter pudding, also add some fruit like cranberries if you have some in the cupboard that you have not used for some time, also if you have sausages three quarters cook them spread some relish on them, cheese on the top if your cheese is near its best date and grill or pop in the oven, this is a fab reciepe

Hannah Smith

Switching brands or buying own brands has really saved me money. And the quality is rarely different.

Zoe Goodwin

I don't go by sell by dates - you can see if food is past its best - I actually tend to buy food from the short date section of the supermarket and freeze it for when I need it


Switching brands has saved me LOADS of money :)

Rosie d

I know this one area that I need to tackle this autumn. I plan to line the curtains with a thermal fabric to keep the cold out and the heat in.

Marianne Hill

My friends and I have a babysitting collective and it saves us lots of money and helps us to feel free to go out when ordinarily we wouldntftecause of the cost of babysitters. It's. Great idea and we always hav trustworthy people to leave in charge of our children.


i never throw food out just because of its sell by date if it smells ok i will eat it years ago they never had such thing and it didn't do anyone else any harm.

Johanna Wroe

We've been conditioned about being health and safety conscious instead of using out common sense. Imagine if there was a self serve type till on our kitchen bins as we discarded things simply because of a printed date? The amount of money and food wasted is shameful. Why is something ok to eat today, but come the stroke of midnight is not? There are people who scavenge from supermarket bins, making use of food deemed 'unfit' and we don't see headlines of deaths from this? Think of the truly poor in 3rd world countries drinking stagnant water. Bit of a difference between that and a loaf that was 'best before' yesterday

Heather Harrison

When I was growing up there were no sell by dates, I eat foods after there sell by date, if it looks,smells and tastes ok then it gets eaten, canned food get eaten unless the tin is blown. I've eaten yogurts 6 months out of date I've done this for years,.

Christine Ann Wilson

Online shopping is definatly something I should try and do more I always get vouchers and coupons but never use as I prefer to go into shops and see what im buying but I can never stick to budget where if I online shop the temptation of it being in arms reach wouldnt be there plus discount codes and I can manage a budget better so yep its decided im gonna try out the while online food shop experience x

Claire Blaney

The price of branded food and cleaners is ridiculous I save a packet buying own brand its just as good these days

Victoria Connolly

I label all my kids uniform, When I collected them on Day 1 of the new term there was a pile of 15 or so school jumpers that the pupils had taken off (as it was still warm then) and had not collected, none of them had names in so the teachers just had to pile them up and wait for someone to claim them!

Emma Chamberlain

If it smells ok, Then its fine, Your gut will tell you,

Angela Walton

A couple of days past its sell buy date but it also depends if it food is , tinned, fresh or frozen

kelly bourton

great tip, will use this 1 for sure!

Maria Barker

Your nose will tell you what will make you ill


i always eat food past its best before date and never had food poisoning. i had a can of fruit salad the outer day that was 6 months past its BB date and ive been fine. only if it smells bad do i throw it out.


for the past 30yrs iv always said"if indoubt throw it out" and none of us have had any problem tummys


I try and eat food when its inside its date,, If not it gets dumped!! Im not getting food poisining for any food!!

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