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This is a good idear just need a biger freezer.

Bernadette Ward

Every time i cook rice or pasta I always seem to have some left so I freeze it and then have the starting of a quick snack.

Sam Cockroft

i allways try to buy in bulk when theres a good offer on..i just freeze it till later ,hey presto you have cheeper meals

cheryl hadfield

I always like to buy in bulk when my husband is paid each month, and then freeze in portions ready to be lifted out for the evening meals

Debby Eaton

I love buying and cooking in bulk that way I have always got a meal in the freezer for when I don't really feel like cooking and it works out cheaper in the long run to buy and cook in bulk

Kate Mo Edwards

i agree with buy in bulk and freeze! I have a large family (4 kids and hubby) I go to the supermarket in the evening and buy reduced meat and freeze it The other day i had two joints of beef reduced from £18 down to £6 so i froze them. I also go to the local meat van and buy in bulk and freeze. It says me a fortune and i always have meat ready to cook a meal with

Karen Barrett

Such good advice, I also have cards for large wholesalers. We often buy in bulk as family and then divide between us. 1200 Yorkshire Tea bags goes along way especially at £7 a time.


This is a great tip, I already do this I buy chicken in bulk at Makro split it into different freezer bags and I get 10 individual meals. Its so much cheaper than buying chicken in tescos and it tastes better too,

liz denial

this is a great tip, it's what I do. I look out for my favourite items when they're on BOGOF or half price & stock up then make large batches of food to freeze into individual portions. It not only saves money but time too as you can cook in one go & then just defrost & eat throughout the month

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