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Melissa Hawkins

Congrats Julia, you are this week's Treat Tuesday winner! Please email with your full name and address :) x

Julia Nelson

So many fabulous tips that really do make a difference but this is my favourite. Tumbler dryers cost sooo much to run it's frightening. It worked out cheaper to buy a spare school sweatshirt etc rather than struggling to get the washing dry if the weather's dodgy. And clothes smell so lovely & have that lovely fresh air smell when they've been dried outside.

Alison Barlow

I've been doing this whenever possible especially since having a 'smart meter' installed...It's scary to see how much electric you're using just to dry the washing.


I'm so used to using a dryer, but am going to make a conscious effort to keep my eye on the weather forecast and plan my washing around when I can hang it out in the garden. With a family I have so much washing to do, this would save me a fortune. They're not too keen on the towels being dried on the washing line, but if I can get them almost dry and then finish them in the tumble dryer they shouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Michelle Ba Bamber

This is the one I think is most useful now especially with the energy price rises, I have reduced my bills quite significantly by cutting down on my tumble dryer use and this winter I'm going to try and reduce it's use even further

Joanne Bean

This tip will save you a fortune! Tumble dryers are so expensive to run! I do have a dryer, but VERY rarely use it (only for emergencies), even in the winter when I can't hang my washing outside I don't resort to my dryer. I have a clothes horse to hang my washing on inside, and I've even been known to hang clothes over the banister to dry! Well, it's all good for the environment too! ;)

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