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Toni Quandt

You can save a fortune buying own brand,mine never notice me swapping the cornflakes or soups! Best swap was tea bags I bought storebrand instead of big make and hubby stated best cuppa ever and never could another brand be as good as this big make!!!! Little does he know!

Rebecca Pedley

I think this is the best money saving tip - I can hardly ever tell the difference and it's a lot cheaper! Sometimes it is even better too!!

Cher Waite

I think this is the best money saving tip, simply downgrading a brand or even trying can be surprising. The same tastes or even better and the benefit of a lower shopping price. Supermarkets are savvy to this so put the budget brands out of eye sight on the bottom shelf to discourage us!

Eleanor Beavan

This is a great tip, most times you can never tell the difference between the two and in difficult times which most of us are feeling at the moment, pennies count !

Evelyn Moffat

We buy own brand a lot as a lot of it tastes just as nice as branded goods but at a fraction of the cost

Michelle Hughes

This is definatly a great idea we cant even tell the difference between a well known brand a supermarkets own brand (except the price) x

Jessica Cook

I love this tip because it is a great way to save money and more often then not they taste as good as the more expensive brands

Olivia Kirby

This is our favourite tip and we take it as far as we can, if the 'value' range is suitable and available, we go for that. Cheap beans and canned tomatoes in casseroles and sauces are absolutely fine, you can always add dried herbs for added flavour.

Debbie Gillespie

We started buying own brands last year. At first I was sceptical but most of the time I cannot tell the difference plus I've got an extra few pounds in my pocket.

Sandra Clarke

Our family eats loads of cornflakes & we've saved a fortune buying Tesco's own brand. Also experimented with lots of other items & switched eg. Orange juice, Yoghurts, Bran flakes, Crisps, Cream Cleaner.

Patricia Owen

I have started using home brands and I wish I had done so much earlier. Breakfast cereals in particular have made a big difference to my weekly shop and no one in my family has noticed any difference in taste and quality.

Jacqueline Fawcett

This is fantastic advice! Most people assume because it's own brand that the taste or quality isn't as great. But in my experience most of the own brand products I've tried are actually pretty similar to the more well known ones, and far cheaper! Always a plus. :D xx

Alison Naughton

This is by far the best advice! I would buy own brand every time knowing that the nutrition is the same - fair enough, value brands perhaps not, but own brand quality products are always cheaper and just as good. I get creative with spices and flavours which you can always cobble together to make cooking more interesting with own brand products!

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