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Areyou Abully

What kind of way is THAT to respond ? Are you a bully ?

ClearanceXL Official

Hi Nouvaness Unfortunately, We are unable to verify this complaint as you have not provided us with sufficient information nor is there any information on your public profile. Please could you email us using the registered email address with your complaint and information regarding your order(s). Please note you accepted our terms and conditions which do allow you to order for a third party, however, the person paying for the order must report any complaint using the registered account. If you are not happy with the T&C then you do not have to accept and therefore do not have to use us. There are alternative websites for you to use. Also, unless you are a qualified practitioner, have or are suffered from pathological schyzophrene yourself or have experience in this illness then please do not publicly diagnose anyone, especially any members of the ClearanceXL staff. We have thousands of happy customers and reviews on our website. Regards Paul ClearanceXL


The owner of clearance xl is so arrogant. There was always something missing or broken in my orders and only after many I decided to let him know. Before that I was like "this is cheap so it doesn't matter I'm fine'. But I'm paying for this okay?! And so when I wrote a few times to complain he talked to me like I was lying and finally said I can't order from him again. So be aware, if you order from this website, he's always right and can never do any mistake and you better be happy with your stuff otherwise he will tell you to f... off Oh and I forgot to say because I ordered on different names like myself, my sister and my partner he accused me of lying about my identity because I planned all this and just wanted to steal from him. A pathological schyzophrene I'm telling you.

d hill

clearance xl is much better value than others i`ve tried, cheaper goods and cheaper deivery.

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