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Andy Merrett

What a constructive comment. Thanks for that.

Sara Lou

Some very usefull tips there! Whilst some may consider them obvious, every little helps i say. In particular the tin foil behind the radiator may seem a little crazy, but in reality it works very well, and can lead to hundreds of pounds in saving over the course of the year. Not something to be laughed at!


Idiot. This is retarded.

Carol Stapleton

I looked at these heat containing methods in the hope that I may have learned something new. Nope! I've been using these methods before the big noise from the Government to reduce waste, recycle and re-use. The only difference is that I have always been on a. very low income, which makes for induced cost cutting and a deeper appreciation of the origins of our comfort. What I'm saying is; turn down your thermostat, put on a jumper/cardi, get the kettle on and prepare your plan of action. Mine was to spend £6,500 on solar heating, and I was in time to get on the feed in tariff reward. We have. taken full advantage of the Government's initiative, and what's more is we are absolutely delighted with a large percentage of my electricity bill being generated at home and sold to the relevant electricity supplier. Wait for the cheque to hit the mat, lovely. I think low cost loans are available for this type of project. At the same time as my solar installation, I took advantage again of the offer of Government financial help for loft insulation. We qualified for the grant as our. existing arrangement was far from adequate, being 4 inches when the current requirement is 10 inches, all for free. Bonus extra insulation was given by the fitters as my job was the last of the day and it was genuinely surplus, I said a very big thank you to the men. It may take up to 10 years to recoup my money but It's very satisfying to the soul. :)

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