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I'm sorry, nobody seems to have picked up on your mistake and I feel I must put you back on track to what the article actually said. You save £2.24 a week! Not sure where you got 24p from? So according to this, microwaving would only cost you 22p per week.


If she's cooking for commercial purposes, then you could say that's not allowed. She's basically running a business and passing the costs onto you, which is not fair. Personal cooking is one thing, commercial cooking is another.


Sorry, but that's a pretty terrible attitude. Particularly the comment "They are trying to be healthy which is good but am sorry not at my expense." - it's not at your expense! They are paying rent, so therefore paying towards your bills. It's not like they're leeching off of you. I must admit that it's pretty unusual to use the oven twice a day. But plenty of people cook twice a day - I do it all the time. Not necessarily the oven, but the stove or microwave could be used. Depends on what I'm cooking.


I just moved into a new house share, been here two months. I'm very aware of energy and bills, so I tend to cook once or twice a week max, mostly heating food up at work,. But my one house mate works irregular hours and tends to use the hob and oven twice a day, mostly during peak times too. Today while all of us were at work he used it to make fudge during peak time and came straight home to make his next meal let alone the breakfast he cooks too. The bills are split equally. I feel so frustrated but as I'm the new tenant and 22 vs his 34 years old, I am not in a position to say anything about him taking financial responsibility. I know this weekend the oven will be used yet again for hours on end and bills will yet again be equally split!!!! So frustrating, feel like I'm working my star off for him to enjoy his frivolous cooking habits


I feel your pain!! This is also happening in my house. Except she is cooking 5 separate batches of banana bread for the local Farmer's Market each week, then regular meals on top of that. Annoying!


Looks like you are saving a massive £0.24. I don't mean to be derogatory but horses for courses - you could cook a casserole and jacket potatoes or a pudding in the oven which could last you two or three days. This shows the oven is more versatile than the microwave.

John V. Karavitis

"Wow" indeed. I do a lot of baking nowadays, it's a lot safer than deep-frying, and I'm always trying new bread and cake recipes. And the reason I came here is that I was looking at authentic German pumpernickel recipes, one of which has the loaf baking at 230 degrees Fahrenheit for 6 hours. Damn. Makes the cost of store-bought bread look reasonable. John V. Karavitis






We've just followed Jamie Oliver 'Mothership' Brisket recipe. 2.45kg of rolled brisket (£15 from proper local butcher) has cost £1.75 to cook to perfection in just over 5 hours at 170 DEG C.

Nigel Bell

Cooking shows on TV advocate cheap cuts of meat, but invariably recommend slow cooking for 3-5 hours. They never mention the cost of using the oven for that long!

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