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  • Makes: 6-8 x 20-23cm pancakes

  • Prep time:

  • Cooking time:

    (approx for each pancake)
  • Costs: Cheap as chips

  • Skill level: Easy peasy

  • Child friendly
  • Freezable

An easy and basic pancake recipe that makes the ultimate weekend brunch dish and Pancake Day treat, of course! If you're looking to learn how to make basic pancakes, this recipe has been triple tested in our kitchens, so you're safe in the knowledge that you'll learn how to make the perfect pancakes by following our easy recipe, which comes with a handy step-by-step video to make sure yours turn out perfect every time. All you need is some flour, salt, eggs and milk to get flipping perfect pancakes. Highly rated and much loved by our Goodtoknow readers, this is the ultimate pancake recipe for flipping, topping and filling with lots of tasty ingredients and combinations or just the classic lemon and sugar - it's up to you! Let us know all your favourite pancake twists, adaptations and toppings by commenting below. This recipe makes 6-8 pancakes sized at 20-23cm round. The pancake batter takes 5 mins to whip up and 5 mins to cook. It's a must-have recipe for Pancake Day.

To freeze the basic pancakes for up to two months, wrap them, still interleaved with the kitchen paper, in a freezer bag. Defrost before using.


  • 60g (2oz) plain flour
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 medium egg
  • 175ml (6fl oz) milk
  • Oil, for frying


  1. Tip the flour into a bowl and stir in the salt. Lightly beat together the egg and milk. Pour over the flour mixture, a little at a time, whisking it well, to give a smooth pancake batter.
  2. Heat a frying pan and very lightly grease the base of it with a piece of kitchen paper dipped in oil. Pour a thin layer of batter over the base of the pan. Cook it until the edges start to curl back. Either toss the pancake, or use a palette knife to loosen it around the edges and then use the palette knife to help flip it over.
  3. Cook the pancake briefly on this side, then slide it out on to a plate. Place a sheet of kitchen paper on top. Cook the rest of the mixture in the same way.
  4. Keep the pancakes warm if serving hot and get loads of ideas for pancake fillings right here!

Nutritional information

Guideline Daily Amount for 2,000 calories per day are: 70g fat, 20g saturated fat, 90g sugar, 6g salt.

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very simple,have to try,yummy pan cake

Sweet Tim

I'd like mine with curry please... Try it, you'll never regret it.


it was very tasty and it impressed my family and me I hope other people use it too.

Jolene goodtoknow Editor

did you know... this is our top rated pancake recipe on goodtoknow



cooking freak

These were scrumptious


I Tried The Pancakes Very Simple, Tasty And Great For The Kids!


simple recipe,just what i was looking for,,,very nice


this site is great just done the pancakes and really nice


i am writing to tell you that i tryed ur recipe for so called pancakes and they nearly gave me a heart attact im verey displeased

chloe m

every sat i use this recipe and its never tasted bad


the kids said they were very tasty


I just want to say: I tried your recipe for pancakes and found it very good and very tasty.


just the information i needed, in simple straight forward terms. thankyou.

Berit Gidmark

I just want to say: I tried your recipe for pancakes and found it good and very tasty.


this was very useful to me and I hope it is to other users too


For those who like a bit healthier batter it is very good to use half milk versus half cottage cheese and a bit of vanilla beans. Also throw in the batter when you have cooled it some blueberry's and slices of banana, cook rather thin layered pancakes and top with (not healthy) whipped cream :D

Dawn Nicholls

use melted butter instead of oil to give a much nicer taste...then leave in fridge for at least half hour...which gives a smoother pancake!! have the pan really hot before pouring in the batter!!! cook until you see tiny holes appearing in the top, then flip!! i think theyre best served hot with a variety of fillings/toppings from good old lemon juice & sugar to jam, chocolate spread, cream cheese, fresh fruit, honey, ice cream...oh god the list is endless!!!! happy pancake day!!

Keeley Hawken

My tips are to use buttermilk in recipe and to ensure pan is very very hot

Michelle Minniss

Pancake day need not be a no-no for those of us dieting!! Make the batter mix with half wholemeal and half white flour, reducing the GI rating of the mix. Cook in spray olive oil so they do not get greasy and top with maple syrup, bananas or blueberries and low fat creme fraiche - all the taste half the fat!!!

Sophie Rae

For perfect sized mini american style pancakes, i use my fried egg ring mould in the frying pan! It has a little handle so that when you know the pancakes ready to flip, just lift up and measure out the next pancake! Great stacked high with crispy bacon and maple syrup! Somethings the americans just do it better!!

Annie Hylands

Whisk the egg whites separately to stiff peaks, and fold into the rest of your batter for a fluffier pancake

Fiona Collier

Pancake top tip for a light and fluffy pancake - For a light and airy pancake use the following alternative technique: Usingyour normal pancake recipe, separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. Mix the egg yolks with the milk. Combine with the flour to make the batter. Beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form, then gently fold the beaten whites into the batter and cook the pancakes immediately. Cook as usual and top with your favourite toppings - Enjoy x

Claire Watkins

NEVER pat pancakes with the spatula!

Hayley Sparkes

We like to add chopped strawberrys, banana's and marshmallows to our folded pancake x put in microwave for a few seconds so the marshmallows go a little gooey x then drizzle chocolate sauce/golden syrup/ maple syrup over the top (the kids like to sprinkle 100s & 1000s on top too) Yummy yummy :0)

Joanne Brown

My best tip for the perfect pancakes..... Get someone else to make them!!!! Lol

Cathleen Kennedy

That should say double the recipe - oops

Cathleen Kennedy

My tip is to make at least double to recipe and then freeze any that are leftover for a treat on another day (leftover - who am I kidding!!)

Alyson Jackson Lightfoot


Susanne Hamilton

my tip is to put a spoon full of warm honey in it, give a good mix to get the air in about and have a hot pan waiting.. and on the other side a plate, knife and butter!!! yum yum yum :-)

Stacey Guilliatt

Leave the batter to stand for 30 mins before cooking - it 'proves' the gluten in the flour making for a nicer pancake!

Lindsay Coombs

that sounds gorgeous!

Janet Kam

When cooked place the pancakes in the oven on a low light to keep them warm and put parchment paper between them

Becky Frost

My top tip is: I get my husband to make them!!!

Nicola Crocker

I make a fish mix with white sauce and fill and roll the pancakes. Place in a dish topped with cheese sauce... and more cheese. Bake and eat!

Lindsay Coombs

Best Pancake Tip - Do not overmix the batter, it doesnt matter if it still has little lumps as they will cook out. If you overmix you lose the bubbles and they are what make the pancakes nice and light and fluffy, overmixing them turns them rubbery!.....oh and enjoy them any time of the year, pancakes are far too nice to have just 1 day a year!!!

Zoe Louise Knights

I like to make fluffy pancakes, layer 3 or 4 with some cookie dough ice cream between them and top with some strawberries and a bit of toffee sauce :D

Amy Tibbals

Top Tip.....a hot pan, a good plastic spatula and lots of nutella! :-) Yum!

Alison Booth

Best pancake tip - ONLY FLIP ONCE! Don't be tempted to toss it over and over again if you don't get it right first time. The more you work the pancake, the more it works the gluten which gives you tough rubbery pancakes!

Tanya Mahon

My best tip is hot frying pan none stitck if possible if not then add a little one then add the pancake mix wait for bubbles to appear then flip :D x

Holly goodtoknow Recipes

Happy Pancake Day everyone! Let us know how you get on with this recipe!

benjy silver

Chocolate spread or peanut butter.

Ding dong

Tip fill the pancakes with chicken tikka Marsala curry. See how beautiful it tastes, curry's is life.


Once the pancake us on the plate squeeze on a generous amount of lemon (or my kids like half lemon & freshly squeezed orange juice) and a good sprinkling of sugar. Being kids they also love golden syrup. Roll up the pancake and enjoy several on Shrove Tuesday or any day :).

Charlotte Gunn

What are you going to put in your pancakes this year? Leave us a comment to let us know

Debbie Blanco

Can't wait for Pancake Day 2014, It's on March 4th I think so later than usual! I've been looking for a basic pancake recipe so will try this one.


I'll definitely be using this recipe later...Pancake Day, yay!


Great, simple recipe!

Nick Gandy

Can't wait to try out some new combinations tonight and looking forward to being very full! I'll be using your pancake recipe...

Roseleanor Ward

I like to sprinkle mine with cinnamon sugar.

Roseleanor Ward

They are the same as crepes, but we call them pancakes in England. The other smaller, thicker kind, are American-style pancakes (or also Scotch pancakes, which are smaller still).

Susie Dutch

Look like " crepes " to me , not like pancake :-)


Scrumptious recipe, thanks goodtoknow :D

Charlotte Gunn

We like this tip Karen!

Charlotte Gunn

Great to hear it Roger!


Hi I'm 72 and I like pancakes


Pancake tip 1. Use buttermilk instead normal milk. It tastes so much nicer and almost creamy taste. 2. Heat the pan and drop some water into it. Once the droplets of water bobble around the pan, you know it is ready. It is important to have a very hot pan. 3. Don't flip the pancake until the pancake starts to bubble on top

Sultana Begum

Add a teaspoon (or two!) of sugar the recipe and instead of flipping the pancake fold it into a regtangular shape and enjoy on the go!

Karen Ahmad

My best pancake tip as many as your gut will hold! Yum!


I love simple pancakes especially just with sugar. However, I always have a large jar of caster sugar with vanilla pods chopped up. Over time, the sugar gets infused with the vanilla aroma. I use this sugar to sprinkle over food especially over pancakes. The aroma is fabulous and yet so simple and inexpensive....

Caroline Hogg

Once the Mixture is made allow to cool on the fridge for 10 mins whilst you melt some dairymilk chocolate and slice some bananas and strawberry's. Once the pancake is cooked place sliced strawberry's and banana all over the pancake and then drizzle with the dairymilk Chocolate. Yummy! :)

Sandy Smith

my favorite is just lemon and sugar but if you make a chocolate sauce and poor it over your pancake and icecream then top it off with fresh whipped cream a naughty but yummy mess. Also why not add a small amount of cocoa powder to your mixture and make chocolate pancakes serve with banana and cream

Marianne Hill

If, like me, you like eating pancakes more often than just on Pancake Day, yet don't want to have to measure your ingredients each time, or resort to buying synthetic shop bought mixes, make your own mix to have handy. Simply blend the dry ingredients of your favorite recipe and store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Whenever you fancy panckes, just use your pre-mixed mix! Simple!

Jane Wright

Handy hint - next time you or one of your friends goes to France, tell 'em to bring you a crepe pan back! Ours was from the Supermarket Super U - and is the best pan for pancakes I have ever owned, lightweight but solid, and non stick! I will post some piccies later, my tip re the recipe - always make double the quantity (everyone comes back for more) and always use the freshest (free range) eggs you have! x

Marianne Hill

I always end up making too many pancakes, as my eyes are bigger than my tummy! (If only!!!) So I freeze any leftover pancakes in an airtight plastic bag, separated by greaseproof paper. I then reheat the defrosted pancakes in the toaster (for thicker pancakes) or oven at 170 degrees for 5 to 10 minutes. (When I'm using the oven, I place the pancakes in a single layer on a foil-lined baking sheet.) I don't use the microwave as this tends to toughen them. Using these tips, I can have pancakes whenever I want with the minimum of fuss and mess!

Mairi Cameron

to avoid making loads of pancakes and getting to eat none as they're all scoffed by your loved ones, make in advance, sandwiched between sheets of greaseproof paper, and warm in the oven - for a change you can all sit down and eat together!

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