Caraway seed loaf cake

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Caraway Seed Cake
Caraway Seed Cake
  • Serves: 8-10

  • Prep time:

  • Cooking time:

  • Total time:

    (may need 15 mins extra)
  • Skill level: Easy peasy

  • Costs: Cheap as chips

This scrumptious caraway cake was a Victorian favourite. The caraway seeds taste of aniseed, and are also used in rye bread and other German recipes.


  • 175g (6oz) butter, softened
  • 175g (6oz) caster sugar
  • 3 medium eggs
  • 250g (8oz) self-raising flour
  • 38g jar caraway seeds
  • 2tbsp milk
  • 1kg (2lb) loaf tin, buttered and lined with a strip of baking parchment

Top tip: Wrap the caraway cake in a freezer bag and freeze for up to three months. Defrost before serving.


  1. Tip all the ingredients into a bowl and beat until smooth. Spoon mixture into the loaf tin and level the surface.
  2. Bake the cake in the centre of the oven 160C (320F, gas mark 3) for 45 mins-1 hr, or until the cake feels just firm to the touch in the centre, and a skewer comes out clean when inserted into cake.
  3. Remove the cake from the oven and leave to cool in the tin for 10-15 mins.
  4. Transfer it to a wire rack to cool completely.

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Auriel Neilson

Got mine from Tiger Tiger

Di Childs

You imply that a man would find a simple bit of cooking/baking challenging. How sad. From a retired female truck driver.


I made this tonight and the cake rose beautifully, took 1 hour to cook, but wish I had trusted my instinct and used1/3 the amount of seed stated, far too many. And they are very coarse. Remember my grandma's having softer seeds


Got mine in Holland & Barrett less than £2

Connie Brockhurst

I cooked this very successfully, and the smell wafting from the kitchen while in the oven was beautiful.


Got mine from the internet.


I make caraway cake all the time but were can I get caraway seeds in bulk do any of u no


An easy to follow recipe I made 3 in a weekend and they all turned out the same Texture and taste were really good And I'm a bloke ! I'm going to try a cherry cake next

titty tite

yes i made the cake but i don't know were i went wrong as it sunk in the middle so i pushed it together made some icing and coverd it. It did not look prittie but tasted OK


loved this kind of site now on my favorites list...thanks .................xx


Went to a funeral yesterday and was server with caraway seed cake. Had never had it before but was told that it was always served at Staffordshire Potteries Funerals where the deceased had lived. Can't wait to make it this afternoon in memory of Nellie.

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