Creamy vanilla fudge recipe

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  • Makes: 36

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    (plus 5 mins for beating)
  • Costs: Cheap as chips

  • Skill level: Bit of effort

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Our vanilla fudge recipe is easy and quick to make - plus this creamy vanilla fudge recipe makes the perfect food gift. Just six simple ingredients and you can make the creamiest homemade vanilla fudge ever. A guaranteed hit - this fudge makes the best food gift for birthdays or Christmas. This recipe makes 36 pieces of fudge. Pop a handful of fudge pieces into a cellophane bag and tie with a ribbon as a gift. This creamy vanilla fudge will take around 35 mins to prepare and cook plus cooling time. Once you're mastered this basic fudge recipe, you'll be making it time and time again for every special occasion. This vanilla fudge is a classic fudge recipe that most fudge makers will use. This delicious homemade fudge has been tried and tested in the GoodtoKnow kitchen and our easy to follow, step-by-step video makes it even easier to make.

This vanilla fudge makes a great gift, too: wrap it in greaseproof paper and pop in a tin or box, tied with a ribbon. See more great food gift ideas


  • 450g (1lb) granulated sugar
  • 85g (3oz) butter
  • 150ml (¼ pt) milk
  • 175g (6oz) evaporated milk
  • Few drops of vanilla extract
  • A little vegetable oil


  1. Tip the sugar, butter, milk and evaporated milk into a heavy based pan and heat gently, stirring frequently, until the sugar has dissolved.

  2. Bring to the boil and as the temperature rises, stir the fudge occasionally (be careful as the mixture is very hot) so that the sugar doesn't stick and burn.

  3. Continue boiling until a temperature of 116C is reached on a sugar thermometer. If you don't have one of these, you can test if the fudge is at this temperature by spooning a small amount of the syrup into some iced water, it should form a soft ball.

  4. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the vanilla extract.

  5. Pour into an 18cm shallow square tin brushed with a little vegetable oil, and leave for 10-15 mins or until almost set. It will set quicker in the fridge.

  6. This vanilla fudge recipes makes about 36 squares - mark these with a sharp knife before leaving to cool completely.

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Nutritional information

Guideline Daily Amount for 2,000 calories per day are: 70g fat, 20g saturated fat, 90g sugar, 6g salt.

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I have just made this fudge, it's in the fridge now, how long does it take to set as it's been in there about 1 1/2 hrs now. Thanks.


Have made this a few times now, definately get the knack for it as I've had a few caramel messes! Love the recipe, we added rum soaked raisins at the final stage and it was total heaven. I've been conned into making several flavoured batches for family to give to in laws for christmas! Its so much fun and when it works its perfect!


hi there can anyone tell me when it says g/oz for the evaporated milk does it mean in weight grams / fluid ounces thanks... Also some questions answered the soft ball stage is when a little of the mixture dropped in a glass of cold water forms a soft ball when rolled between your fingers but doesn't stick to your fingers... Also the reason possibly for not setting can be not boiling for long enough and or if it is a humid/rainy day it takes longer to set one recipe took nearly 1hr and half to reach the soft ball stage because of the humidity in the air!! Hope that helps...

GTK Editor

Hi all, for best results use full fat milk - skimmed or semi-skimmed will take longer to set.


Ive made this twice now, the first time was good but fairly sticky but I feel it may not have gone completely to plan as I wanted lol, second time it seems even better, you almost get a nack for it once youve made it a few times! you need to stay calm and realise that it might not go right first time. I sprinkled some currents in the final stage and added a few more on top, this couldnt be better! I am going to wrap them and give them to relatives in mugs for christmas :)


This fudge is great but it is all about timing! Not enough time cooked and it's just like toffee and too much time and beating results in a much grainier fudge which crumbles- both of which are yummy but not the soft creamy fudge imagined. Also please be aware of the 'very hot' warning, my mixture had been off heat and beaten for ten mins when i accidentally splashed it on my thumb- it was agony and resulted in a burn so bad that i nearly headed to hospital!

David C

Nice easy recipe, working out here in Egypt can not get a sugar thermometer but your timing seems to produce the results,Instead of Vanilla try adding a couple of teaspoons of coffee disolved in part of the milk before hand,or drinking chocolate,but to really give us "ex-patoldies" a boost i add three or four spoonfulls of Ovaltine


I made this fudge yesterday but tweaked the recipe a bit, instead of using 450g of sugar I halved it to 225g. Once the fudge was made which was really easy I let it cool down.After cutting the fudge it was very sticky and tasted more like toffee but still tasted very nice. However, after leaving the fudge overnight it had completely changed, it wasnt sticky anymore and really tasted like fudge. Brilliant, everyone said it tasted great and not too sweet. My advice would be to definately leave it overnight to really set. I will be making a lot more of this fudge. :)


You need to replace the milk with clotted cream for this to set properly. Made the same mistake myself once when i didn't have any clotted cream and it just will not set. Never failed since.

sara jones

If you havnt got a sugar thermometer let it boil until its a thick glue like consistency i found it worked better than just guessing.


I tried making a selection of the sweets featured in the christmas special, was a little disappointed with the results. in the recipe it state 'soft ball stage' didn't understand what this meant and couldnt find explaination anywhere. Did i miss it?


I made this recipe yesterday and followed it precisely as far as I'm aware, however I have not been able to get it to set properly. I eventually put it in the freezer where it firmed up quite well, however when I took it out to cut it up it just started to melt again, and I have been left with a bit of a sticky mess (tastes great though) any ideas where I have gone wrong?


Just made this recipe. And it works out great. Lovely texture and good flavor. thank you for sharing.


This recipe works fine, but you need to get a couple of steps precise to get it to set. The temp needs to be right and you have to beat it while it cools ontill it's cold. If it's not hot enough or beaten not long enough it won't set properly.


Do you stil use evaporated milk aswell :)?


Folowed to the letter, except replaced milk & evap milk with unsweetened evap milk..set exactly as it should and tastes like heaven thankyou


recipe doesnt work was crap


sounds delicious!!


Just made it, and its bloomin toffee.... nice toffee but niot fudge


have made this twice as first time burnt the mixture and the second I just caught before it burnt again.


Tastes to good Loved it


tried to make it....turned into toffee....not complaining tho the toffee tasted amazing!!


I have read the feedback for this recipe… let me just say I’ve not made this fudge, but is it possible that those who have a problem with it not setting are using a soft butter mixed with vegetable oil and not the real thing? Just a thought…


i made this and by the morning it still had not set

Charlotte Gunn

Hi Posie, yes it is!


Is a jam thermometer the same a sugar themometer?

Steve J

awful recipe. find a better one on google cos this fool doesn't have a clue


This is the worst recipe in the world. It just burns and wastes a load of expensive ingredients


Love this its so tasty! Great for a christmas treat.


It dose not set. Do a pancake recipe insted I love pancakes with lots of surup

Hannah Inglis

I tried this recipe, but it has not set. I followed the recipe exactly and I even have a thermometer to get it to the exact temperature. Was not a success.


i make this fudge all the time now and have got it down to a tee. i took the advice of someone else here and use clotted cream instead of milk. I have tried it with milk and it is fine, just a bit crumblier, but using the clotted cream is far outstanding and have had many friends try it and they love it. I bought a thermometer which i use to make (ive had 2 burnt disasters and had to throw it out). I am making this fudge over the next week as i'm giving it to friends as christmas pressie, which i think they'll love.


This fudge was a disaster for me! Wanted to make it for Christmas presents for friends and family. I boiled it for what felt like forever (dont have a sugar thermometer), then decided it MUST be ready and took it off the heat, added sherry soaked raisins to it and began to beat....and beat... and beat!! After about 15 mins it did cool down and started to get thicker but even after being in the fridge overnight it didnt set. It tastes incredible!!! but I'm not sure whether the milk was strictly necessary? I might try it again with more evaporated milk instead of regular milk (the only milk I had was 1% milk so I think that may have been why it didnt set). I would say only try this recipe if you are an experienced fudge maker or if you have a sugar thermometer - or at least be prepared to make this several times if not! I plan to roll the doughy fudge mixture I produced into balls and dip in melted chocolate and give out as fudgey chocolate balls instead =)


Thank you for the wonderful recipe. I don't have a sugar themometer and the first time it didn't set even after leaving the mixture in the fridge. Took me a couple of attempts in reboiling the mixture to get it to set. It tastes very nice indeed!


I just made this its great very moreishh, i used condensed milk of evaporated (as i didnt have any), i also added mixed fruit i had soaked in brandy to give it that Christmasy taste


I have just made this for Christmas. I used double cream instead of the milk and used a sugar thermometer. It took a while to reach soft ball temp but got there in the end. It did stick a little and I had brown bits floating around, but when I took it off the heat and beat it they seemed to blend into the fudge. It's cooling now and my husband and I cleaned the pan - yummy! He keeps looking at the tray - desperate to eat some. I'm going to make another batch - double quantities this time.


This is amazing! I have made it twice now with my Grandma and best friend. We are calling the ElEmClo fudge as our names are Elsa,Emmy and Chloe! We doubled the recipe today and we are giving it to people in little bags tied with ribbons! It tates soo good we scraped the pan at the end. :)


Large deep pan.


Not hot enough and will be runny, too high and will be toffee. Takes a bit of practice to get it right, like with setting jam.


Stays around 100°C for quite some time, then rapidly shoots up, so just keep checking


Can I use condensed milk instead of evaporated milk?


Wish I read the comments before trying this. The mixture didn't even set correctly. Came out as a very hard caramel-like toffee.


Try placing a wooden spoon across the top of your saucepan and turning the heat to medium-low to cook it slowly. The spoon should prevent it boiling over and flooding everywhere but it does take quite a long time to get up to the soft ball stage, takes a bit of patience! Keep it low to make sure it doesn't burn and stir it occasionally to scrape up the more cooked bits from the bottom and sides.


Fab recipe, works just fine with no adjustments - though I did chuck in a few swigs of rum, because yum. It does need to get right up to the proper temp and not beyond. You also can't skip the beating phase once you take it off the heat - it can take quite a while, it needs beating until it loses that glossy look and goes a bit grainy and starts to hold its shape more. Beat hard until your wrist might drop off then beat some more. To stop it boiling over put a wooden spoon across the top of the pan. Fudge floods are horrible and really hard to get off the stove.


I dunno what you lot are on about lol this recipe is perfect just made a batch now and tastes like proper shop-bought fudge :) if you remember to boil the sugar for the right amount of time and I'm sure yours will be perfect as well! Definitely going to use this again.

Barbara Uttley

Not heating it long enough. It takes time!


Made this today. Don't have a sugar thermometer but used the cold water method. Was very easy and delicious fudge! Will make again. Took about 12 mins boiling to get to ball stage and then a bit longer before we took it off. Stirring it for a long while after is very important to make it fudge and not toffee.


My husband followed this recipe, the fudge was lovely, no problems with setting. Delicious :)


This is a great recipe. I've made it a few time now, but i have one thing to add when beating it make sure you put in on a cool suface (or in the sink with a little cold water) it will soon thicken up (just didn't over do it you've still got to put it in a tin) . This also makes it nice a creamy. Hope this helps!!


I tried to make this but can only get it to 220 degrees before it boils over. what am I doing wrong???


This means that when you drop a little sugar-syrup into ice-cold water, it forms a soft ball in the bottom of the glass.


Boil the sugar for longer ;)


This is not fudge, this is caramel, tried it 3 times, everything done as per instructions, CARAMEL!


This is great! Thank you so much. It's my first time making fudge tonight and I tried one 'fool proof' recipe and destroyed a baking tray in the process., Went back on Google after clearing up and found this recipe which is so simple and easy to follow. I went from weighing, to cooking to eating in under 1 hour!! Thank you soooo much :-) xx


I couldn't get the mixture to go above 102 degrees. What am I doing wrong?




Try with a sugar thermometer to 116C. The first time I tried to make fudge without a thermometer it didn't set because (hindsight) I didn't get the temp high enough. With a sugar thermometer it works for me every time although my recipe is slightly different.


If you use a sugar thermometer you'll get the right temp i.e. 116C and hence fudge.


This isn't a good recipe at all, so I've rated it 1 star as it didn't set properly or it didn't form a ball and it was just rubbish!


This didn't go very well it didn't set properly or work!!!


its toffee...... it makes toffee...... i am now going to shop to the shop to buy fudge. thanks alot!!!!!


Just learned a lesson, read the reviews before making ! This is not fudge, toffee! how what to do with it ?

Matt Charman

Just attempted this, and got a sticky gooey mess that didn't set. Didn't notice anything about beating it in the method, but somebody told me "it wont set properly unless you beat it when it's cooling". Oh. So... attempt 2 soon... what's this about clotted cream instead of milk? Is that instead of both types of milk or do I use evapourated milk and clotted cream? Also vanilla... "a few drops"... really? Seems very little? Surely a teaspoon?

Debbie Godwin

I followed this recipe to the letter bug it came out caramel. Hard to cut, very sticky and grainy at the bottom. Will try somebody elses recipe next time.

Jenny Massy Dorfling

I would like to try and make this Slimming World friendly, any ideas whether I could use sweetner instead of sugar and light evaporated milk.

Madison Lapid


grace quinn

is this recipe gluten free


You did not do it right.


Let the mix cool for a few minutes then beat until it begins to thicken, allow to set at room temperature. You get a better texture by beating. 1tsp Vanilla extract - not flavouring.

Tess Wysocki

This is a standard fudge recipe. If it doesn't thicken enough you haven't cooked it long enough, end of. It takes over an hour. You can't have the heat full blast, it needs to be medium at the most. Once it starts boiling you need to turn the heat down a little at a time while still maintaining the boil. Stir the whole time.

Charmain Brown

Made this 2 hours ago first time. Perfect!

Donna Karen

How long does the fudge last? Best before not how long it takes to eat haha!


You do realise that was posted 5 years ago, right?


Can I use just normal milk instead of evaporated milk?


Can I just use ordinary milk instead of evaporated milk


Maybe it's because you can't cook?


i did the recipe and it didnt work, didnt set , went crystallized and grainy, then i see on another sites ur ment to use 100% pure sugar cane, and my sugar wasnt , but it did state granulated on pack, which is what this recipes states to use


its because is doesnt state what sugar your ment to use, its ment to be pure cane sugar, i had some trouble , mine went grainy and didnt set


Just like Jeanette I made this recipe however it is firm, but didn't set, I have frozen it but it will melt when I cut it up and bring it out the freezer. I have been left with a vanilla fudge curd that's as thick as lemon curd!. But can't do anything with it even though it does taste really good!... I followed the recipe exactly so I don't know where it went wrong??... Maybe I should try replacing both my green top milk & condensed milk to clotted cream like Lorraine says but how much do you use in replacement?..

Bella Babycakes Good

Yes i tried this recipe too and I made it at 1pm and has been in the freezer since to set but when I slightly prod it its still leaving a dent where my finger was and its still sticky :-(


Made this last night first time making fudge as hope to make some for Christmas present. Easy to make as long as you follow recipe it should come out fine. No need to put in fridge set quite quickly and tastes yummy quite rich and buttery.


Is the fudge vegaterian


Me too!


Yes it does. It worked for me when I boiled the mixture for roughly 25 minutes on a low heat... !


I started this recipe before reading the comments and learning from all your mistakes. Basically this is an amazing recipe! It worked perfect. The only problem was that the cooking times are wrong. Altogether I boiled the mixture for 25 minutes or thereabouts... No thermometer either. it was strange, you can actually see whrn the mixture thickens. Just keep boiing at a steady heat. stiring now and then, using cold water to test the mixture. I only had to beat for about 3 minutes, straight into a greased tray. Voila I can almost eat it immediately as it almost set....Enjoy! PS: I used milk and evaporated milk as the recipee states and tastes delicious...mmmmm!


by far the SHITTIEST fudge i have ever tried. rough, grainy and crumbly. after the first bite, i threw it out. i wouldnt even give this 1 star.


Made today. Didn't beat fir long enough so didn't quite set. Husband is a chef and temp for these things is important. Think whole pan needs to be at 116 C not just spot where thermometer is. Digital thermometer so useful. Use one for jam making and checking roast chicken. And need to beat mixture well.

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