Chewy chocolate chip cookies

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These chewy chocolate chip cookies are made with golden syrup and brown sugar, making them extra chewy and delicious. So much tastier than shop-bought versions, this cookie recipe is a GoodtoKnow favourite and the whole family will absolutely love them. Once you've mastered this easy chocolate chip cookies recipe you can experiment with different flavour combinations - white chocolate chips and dried strawberries would make a nice twist, but you can use your imagination to create other combinations or even ask the kids to request different flavours. To make these chewy chocolate chip cookies, you only six ingredients, and we bet you already have most of them in your cupboard, so this is one of the best recipes to make on a lazy Sunday afternoon when you can’t be bothered to walk to the shop. This simple recipe makes 20 thin chewy chocolate chip cookies and takes around 32 mins to prepare and bake – so you can have delicious chocolate chip cookies in just over half an hour! Store your cookies in an airtight container or jar so they keep all their flavour and chewy texture. These simple chocolate chip cookies would make great food gifts too, wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with a ribbon.

To make double chocolate chip cookies, substitute 25g of flour with 25g cocoa powder.


  • 125g unsalted butter, softened
  • 100g light brown sugar
  • 2tbsp golden syrup
  • 1tsp vanilla essence
  • 160g self-raising flour
  • 150g chocolate, milk, dark or white broken into 0.5cm chunks


  1. To start making your chocolate chip cookies, preheat the oven to 180C, gas 4.
  2. Beat the butter and sugar together until light and creamy. Beat the golden syrup into the butter and sugar with the vanilla essence. Mix in flour and chocolate chunks until just combined.
  3. Take a teaspoonful of the mixture, roll it into a ball, then place onto a greased baking tray, flattening it slightly with the palm of your hand. Repeat with the remaining dough, allowing plenty of room for the cookies to spread while baking.
  4. Bake for 12 mins until golden brown.
  5. Allow chocolate chip cookies to cool on the tray for few mins before transferring them to a wire rack.

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Nutritional information

Guideline Daily Amount for 2,000 calories per day are: 70g fat, 20g saturated fat, 90g sugar, 6g salt.

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these are great! Crunchy and delicious dunked in tea!


Great recipe, they're about to come out of the oven as we speak :D had to use about 20grms more flour than directed but other than that perfect! would recommend it. Thanks x


yum, made these this evening with gluten free flour, taste lovely. Needed to use slightly more gluten free flour than normal flour. :)


Yoyo!! lolz I am only 13 but I cant stop makin these there GORGEOUS!! There cooling right now *Drool*.. Awesome recipe! xx


hey this is quite nice you know i might learn from this thx 4 giving me advice. tday i made cookies and they came out wrong and now i am goin to learn from you


hi, this is a fantastic recipe, i changed the brown sugar for caster sugar and used white chocolate.....they were amazing (i say were, because the kids have eaten them all!!!) thank you for the recipe very easy to make. thank you x

Jo Irving

Hi guys, Where's the recipe for the cookies you made on the show with nuts, cherrys and a combination of white and dark chocolate? They looked yummy and I want to make them for a charity bake here at work. I couldn't find details on your website, so hope you can help me out. Many thanks, Jo Irving.


How do i make these less sweet??(strange i know) less syrup or use caster sugar instead of light brown sugar??


How long wull the cookies keep for? I'd like to make them in advance fir an occasion. Thanks



Natalie Gaw

Can I use honey instead of golden syrup because Im out!


Omg.... I jus made these and they came out all you who have very sweet tooth, these are a must!!!!


Such a lovely recipe - I lost it for a while and tried another, turned out terrible. This is by far the easiest cookie recipe ever!!! Thank you :)


These cookies are amazing, I had to make a second batch as I had intended to take them to work but they had nearly all gone by the end of the day!! I used dark brown sugar though as I didn't have any light brown and they tasted just as yummy. :-)

Rebecca Mercer

These cookies are so simple to make, we used half milk and half white chocolate chips, they are delicious and chewy just as cookies should be. If you've got a sweet tooth these are a must.

Nichola goodtoknow Recipes

Hi Patricia. Brown sugar has a bit more flavour but caster sugar is fine to use.

Patricia Trish Law

can i use castor sugar instead of light brown sugar? ty

Dee Mattock

I have only 1 complaint about this recipe...... It don't make enough, now I gotta go back n make some more :)


hi there new here just baked these cookies and i left them in for 8 minutes because 10 was to burnt they was still lovely anyway just wondering with the rest of the dough can you put it in the fridge and if so how long for thank you

Katy goodtoknow Recipes

Taking out the golden syrup will affect the cookie texture and make them harder, so we recommend keeping it in.

Katy goodtoknow Recipes

Hi Eve, soft brown is best for this especially if you want that nice gooey-in-the middle texture. Golden caster will also work but don't use granulated 'hard' sugar otherwise the cookies will be grainy. Enjoy and please ask if you have any other questions

Eva Mc

is is soft sugar or just regular(hardish?)h...I'm still new this :/....


Will the cookies still taste good even if i don't use the golden syrup? Because i really want to make them at the moment but i don't have any.


Great recipe, they were quickly demolished by family so another batch on it's way.


Great recipe, made 3 different kinds. First with chocolate chips, second with grated chocolate and finally substituting the chocolate for approx. half the amount in choco M&Ms which turned out great.


Love this recipe! First made them a week ago with milk choc chips and have got my second batch in the oven now with white choc chips! I found they took a little longer than 12 mins but then I made them quite big - the mixture made 9 big cookies like the ones you get in bags at the supermarket bakery.


These are amazing - the syrup makes them a little chewy and they're a favourite with everyone in our family. thanks!


Just made these with my 3 year old and wow, they have turned out great and really yummy. We didn't have self raising flour so we used plain with a teaspoon of baking powder and 2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda and iy worked a delight. WILL make again soon! best i've ever made sooo far!


Shouldn't this say plain flour not self-raising?


I made these last night. The first batch I did 12 small cookies and they are nice but a bit thin, so I then did 8 larger ones which are fab! And still some mixture leftover to bake some more tonight :)


just made these cookies, my first time to make cookies and made 12 big ones rather than 20 smaller ones, didnt realise how big they would actually turn out! but they are gorgeous!! very easy to do. will definitely be making these again and experiment with different types of cookies like hazelnut, smarties etc! YUM!


fantastic cookies! mine turned out a little thin, so I'm guessing I need to put more mixture per cookie next time! excellent, and very easy. I also swapped the brown sugar for castor sugar, turned out lovely :)


They do tend to be 'soft'. once they have browned/done the 12 mins give or take a couple of minutes. pull them out or else they will become 'hard' biscuits.

Katie Forbes

Yours look nice and yummy Sanjay! I'm afraid I do not like the look of Stephanie's either, but now I suppose I'll be called 'rude' for expressing a harmless opinion. And this from someone who calls you an 'idiot'. Oh the irony

Sanjay Kooner

Look missy, I'm not being rude this is just my opinion! I'm afraid they look terrible, the ones I made for my party were much more presentable and actually looked edible. And here's a picture of mine, so thats enough from you Mrs Khan.

Shaila Khan

That is extremely rude, I suggest you post a photo of yours before commenting, I'll bet yours look as nasty as your nasty comment. Idiot.

sanjay kooner

totally agree Phillip, no way could i serve these at one of my tea parties!


I think my baking tray is too small 'cos I had to make 3 cookies in a cake tin and the ones on the proper tray have spread to make one giant cookie.


Just about to start making my cookies. I really hope they come out ok.

Richard White

It doesn't matter how cookies look, it's how they TASTE that matters. So what if yours are not as photogenic as the main picture at the top? If they taste great, they ARE great. That is how you judge quality, not by looking forward to seeing the photos of others.


Never been trolled before...that's a first. Perhaps the photo didn't do them justice but for your information when you start a sentence with "no offence" you are going to offend! They tasted great, I look forward to seeing the photo of yours.

Phillip Wand

Yeah, just add nuts when you are making choc cookies and hey presto you have choc & nut cookies

Phillip Wand

No offence but your ones don't look great do they

Phillip Wand

Brilliant! I would fucking eat the lot of these, excuse my French lol, but seriously, these look great thanks a lot


made it myself


didnt add vanilla essence so added more butter and syrup but still was amazing and im under 12


soo scrummy and easy


This is my favourite recipe and I made these yesterday without the chocolate chips as I didn't have any, but they are still delicious!


I use this recipe as the base minus the syrup, I just add smarties or jelly beans to change it up. I also cover the bottom in melted chocolate to make special ones.


I'm in the middle of baking my cookies. They've been in for 12mins, then another 5 and anotger 5 mins and they are still not ready. Very soft to touch. I eull try another 10 mins. Can't understand why tgey are not ready as I followed the recipe 100%!


Just made these and they are delicious! I used light muscavado sugar but otherwise followed the recipe. Probably an idea to double the mixture as they won't last long :-)


Can you add nuts to make choc & nut cookies?


I made four batches of these cookies, for 12 minutes each batch, and they all were soft and didn't harden and were crumbly and weren't cooked at all and then I put them in for longer but still didn't cook like the pictures above.

Leigh. Partington

yes because I did it and they still taste amazing!!

Leigh. Partington

you can use any butter

Leigh. Partington


Leigh. Partington

They are Really yummy (but only if you follow the instructions to the dot!

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