Parsley and lemon crusted cod

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Crusted Cod
Crusted Cod
  • Serves: 2

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  • Skill level: Easy peasy

Avoid the fish and chip shop with this healthy alternative. Serve with cheat's chips (see cook's tip) and plenty of plump petit pois. White fish is a very low fat form of protein and is delicious served with this crunchy topping.


  • 2 Cod fillets
  • 2 tbsp chopped parsley
  • Grated zest of 1 lemon
  • 25g (1oz) wholemeal breadcrumbs
  • 23 bursts olive oil spray

For cheat's chips; cook two small baking potatoes in the microwave, on high, for 5 minutes. Cut into chunky chips, place on a baking tray and spray with oil. Bake in the oven alongside the fish.


  1. Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6. Place the cod fillets, skin-side down, on a sheet of baking parchment on a baking tray.
  2. Mix the parsley and lemon zest into the breadcrumbs and season to taste. Press the mixture on top of the cod. Spray the topping with the olive oil spray.
  3. Roast the fish towards the top of the oven for 1520 minutes, or until the topping is a light golden colour, and the fish feels tender when pierced with a thin knife. Serve immediately, accompanied with chips and peas.

Nutritional information per portion

  • Low
  • Med
  • High
  • Calories 142(kcal)
  • Fat 2.0g

This nutritional information is only a guide and is based on 2,000 calories per day. For more information on eating a healthy diet, please visit the Food Standards Agency website.

Guideline Daily Amount for 2,000 calories per day are: 70g fat, 20g saturated fat, 90g sugar, 6g salt.

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