How to encourage your baby to eat part 2

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Encourage your baby to eat feeding weaning highchair
8. Wash well. If you can't afford organic food, which doesn't come cheap, try to buy as much fresh produce as possible and wash it well.

9. Buy British Lion eggs. Ensure that the eggs you buy have the British Lion mark, which means the chickens have been vaccinated against salmonella.

10. Don't give up! It takes toddlers a while to get used to different textures. With meat for example, try mincing it or incorporating it into everyday foods, for example finely chopped ham in mash potato. It may take 10-12 times of trying before they will happily eat a food.

11. Drink plenty of water. Make sure toddlers drink enough water. During weaning if you do want to give juice occasionally make sure it's well diluted ? one part juice to ten parts water. Tiredness can be a sign of dehydration.

12. Wait before cleaning teeth. Don't clean your baby's teeth straight after he's had juice. The acid and sugar levels in his mouth are at their highest then, so you'll damage the teeth.

13. Keep a diary. If you suspect your child has a food intolerance keep a diary for a fortnight, write down what they ate, the date and time they ate it, how much they ate and the symptoms that followed. Involve all carers and then visit your doctor.

14. Eat well as a parent. As a Mum and Dad, eat proper meals. Make sure you have breakfast and keep easy snacks like fruit or nuts.

Jane Clarke, Nutritionist for the Daily Mail

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