Two weeks until Christmas

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Traditional Mince Pies
With just a fortnight to go, this is the time to finalise that list and buy all your non-perishables. It's also a good time to freeze a few more essentials...

2 weeks before

  • Do your basic store-cupboard shopping - keep these supplies separate from the rest of your food, or you might be without some essentials on the big day! But don't stress either - shops are open on Christmas Eve so it's not the end of the world if you forget something.

  • Time-saver: Make bread sauce and stuffing (or stuffing balls) and freeze.

  • Time-saver: Good, home-made chicken stock is much tastier than stock cubes - freeze in ½-litre batches.

  • Time-saver: Chipolatas (sausages wrapped in bacon) are a must-have - make them now and freeze.

Don't get caught out:: If you've bought a frozen turkey, check how long it needs to defrost using our easy turkey defroster timer and make a note of when you need to take it out of the freezer.

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