Gordon Ramsay on planning your Christmas dinner

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Gordon Ramsay, Healthy Appetite

We have lots of tasty Gordon Ramsay Christmas recipes like his roast turkey with lemon, parsley and garlic, beef Wellington and these delicious mint chocolate truffles.

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Gordon Ramsay on planning your Christmas dinner 

Gordon says:
I love the magic of Christmas. We usually have a large gathering and I get everyone to join in with the cooking. The traditional turkey is always popular, but I prefer the other courses to be less predictable.

Well in advance?

The day before...

4 or 5 hours in advance...
  • Bring the turkey to room temperature

3 hours ahead...
  • Put the turkey in the oven remembering to baste it occasionally
  • Prepare all the vegetables. Blanch the sprouts, carrots and parsnips and keep immersed separately in chilled water. Toss the peeled potatoes in oil, ready to roast.
  • Make the stock for the gravy

An hour ahead...
  • Prepare the ingredients for your starter ready for cooking

About 15mins ahead...
  • Cook the devils on horseback
  • Put the potatoes in the oven
  • Assemble the starter

Just before serving...
  • Rest the turkey while eating the starter
  • Finish cooking the carrots, parsnips, and sprouts. Finish the gravy.
  • Carve the turkey and serve with the accompaniments

Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef
Adapted from Gordon Ramsay's Sunday Lunch published by Quadrille, £19.99.

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Ulrich Lenckowski

I am on Guam a pacific island. If you think you have shown the worst cooks on your TV show you haven't met the once here. Anybody who burned a steak on a grill calls himself chef. Chef of what?? I love good food but left many times disgusted the restaurants. So ending up cooking at home and you recipes helped me a lot to get some tasty food on the fork. Another problem I have to fight are the supplies of quality ingredients. Some times I can't find all I need. However, still getting some taste into the food with your help.

Jasmine Hussain

Hello Gorden, The turkey came out great! I'm from London and everyone loved the dinner...I wish I could say it was my recipe but its Thankyou and have a great Christmas to you and your family. p.s you have a great house!

Chele Smith

I think Chef Ramsey is Awesome! Me & my Boyfriend really enjoy his shows... Hells Kitchen is the best! When I open up my Resturant & Bar on the beach one day... I sure hope he will come see me! and he can yell and scream at me all he likes... I will try not to laugh.... I cant help it Chef Ramsey you are quite the comic..... ITS RAW~!~! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~


Great recipes. Hard to find. Can't wait until next week's come out too.


Could someone post the recipe for the Christmas gravy made?

michael cernak

I have made many, many Ramsey recipes over the years, all to great success!!! These Christmas recipes are just outstanding with an eye on flavor and presentation. I think, along with the mains and sides, I will complete the meal with the Ramsey chocolate mousse with crumbled chocolate biscuits.


hey i saw this on t.v and then i wanted to make Christ dinner i am only 14 teen and want to be a chef i cant wait till Christmas cause i am going to cook dinner with this recipe but i need a good desert so please right back love amber

jacqueline peters

i think he desrves a 100 percent xmas dinner looked awsome thankyou gorden im also from scotland done the brussell sprout thing

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