3... 2... 1 - the run-up

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Turkey with saffron and cranberry stuffing

With just three days to go, it's time to tie up the loose ends and prepare a few dishes to help the big day go smoothly.

3 days before

  • Most turkeys take at least 36 hours to defrost, so check yours today if you haven't already!
  • Time-saver: A simple soup makes a stress-free Christmas starter and you can freeze it too. Try this easy leek and potato soup - make the garnish on the day.
2 days before (23 December)

Christmas Eve

  • Defrost the stuffing or make the stuffing and chill in the fridge

  • Stuff the turkey then prepare and chill the turkey

  • Blanch the root vegetables; par-cook and chill the peeled/cut potatoes (you can even half-roast the parsnips and spuds)

  • Also, peel and cut the carrots, wash and trim the sprouts then store in ziplock bags (not in water)

  • Thaw any frozen food you made ahead e.g. bread sauce, stock, soup etc.

  • Chop the herbs e.g. parsley, place in clingfilm and put in the fridge

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