Chicken kebabs with peanut dip

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Chicken satay kebabs
Chicken satay kebabs
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Bring the taste of the Orient to your kitchen with these delicious kebabs. They are quick and easy to prepare.


  • 2chicken fillets, skinless and cut into chunks3tbsp natural yogurt
  • 1tsp finely chopped fresh root ginger
  • Pinch of ground turmeric
  • Pinch of ground coriander
  • Pinch of ground cumin
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Satay sauce
  • 2tbsp crunchy peanut butter
  • 1tbsp soy sauce
  • Squeeze of lime juice
  • 1/2tsp curry paste
  • 3tbsp natural yogurt


  1. Place the chicken in a bowl with the yogurt, ginger, ground spices and seasoning.
  2. Mix well to coat the chicken.
  3. Thread the chicken onto 8 mini kebab skewers and cook under a pre-heated grill for about 10 minutes, turning frequently until the chicken is cooked.
  4. Meanwhile, make the satay sauce by mixing all the ingredients together and blending gently until smooth.
  5. Serve the chicken kebabs with the satay sauce and a garnish of shredded cucumber and spring onion.

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Making tonight! cant wait :)


This is the one I'd most like to make because it is so convenient to prepare ahead and peanut butter is a great favourite in our family. If you're using wooden skewers, don't forget to soak them in cold water for 10-20mins before you use them to stop them scorching.


I'm hopeless at making Chinese food, but my whole family would LOVE these and I just might be able to do them!

Stacey Guilliatt

I'd most like to make this because it is quick, easy and yummy, especially with the peanut dip! As well as making for a Chinese menu, it's also ideal for a barbecue!

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