Thinner dinner menus

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Complete menus under 500 calories

Low-fat spare ribs, 325 kcals
Half a cup of peas = 62 kcals
Half a cup of boiled potatoes = 68 kcals
Pudding allowance = 45 kcals
So why not try: Fruity cubes, 20 kcals per cube
Total calories: 495 kcals

Beef and mushroom skewers, 148 kcals
Three cups of chopped lettuce = 18 kcals
1 cup cherry tomatoes = 27 kcals
Pudding allowance = 307 kcals
So why not try: Low-fat lemon and berry roulade, 297 kcals
Total calories: 490 kcals

Balsamic grilled lamb, 240 kcals
Half a cup of green beans = 20 kcals
Pudding allowance: 240 kcals
So why not try: Iced berry smoothies, 220 kcals
Total calories: 480 kcals

Low-fat lasagne, 357 kcals
Pudding allowance = 143 kcals
So why not try: Raisin and banana cookies, 119 kcals
Total calories: 476 kcals

Butternut squash soup, 129 kcals
Medium baked potato = 161 kcals
Pudding allowance = 210 kcals
So why not try: Apple and plum crumble, 185 kcals
Total calories: 475 kcals

Vegetarian chilli with rice, 350 kcals
Pudding allowance = 150 kcals
So why not try: Honey-grilled peaches, 25 kcals, 2 portions = 50kcals
Total calories: 400 kcals

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