Fruit and veg portion sizes

By now, most of us know we're meant to eat five portions of fruit and veg a day at the very least, but what exactly counts as a portion? Use our gallery to see exactly how much of each thing you need to be eating in order to get the benefits
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It isn't always easy knowing what counts as a portion of fruit and veggies, and now with the advice that we should be eating seven portions of them it's probably best to learn what counts as a serving. We've put together this simple guide to make staying healthy easy.

Fruit like apples and bananas are the easy ones, one piece equals one portion, it's the vegetables and smaller fruits where we get a little lost sometimes. For instance, did you know you actually need to eat two satsumas, plums or kiwi fruits to make it up to a full portion? For veggies and pulses, tablespoons and small handfuls are good measuring guides, three tablespoons of cooked vegetables or beans is roughly what you need for example.

To get you started here are some good basic measurements which count as a portion each:

5 a day portion sizes: Broccoli

Measuring little bits of veg such as broccoli can be a little fidly. Here you can see that eight spears of broccoli is all you need to tick off one of your five a day. Pretty easy, so get cooking.

5 a day portion sizes: Mushrooms

Mushrooms are great because they can be used in such a variety of dishes but you might not be eating quite enough for them to count as one of those important five.

You may think that by chucking a couple in a sandwich or a stir-fry you're getting all you need, but you actually have to eat a whopping 14 button mushrooms, or three handfuls of sliced mushrooms for them to count as one portion. Don't let that put you off though, we've got lots of delicious mushroom recipes for you to make at home.

5 a day portion sizes: Cucumber

Great in salads and sandwiches, you need to eat 5cm of cucumber a day to get the benefits. It's quite doable really, if you have a little bit for lunch and then some in a side salad for dinner.

5 a day portion sizes: Pineapple

Pineapple is another one which can be confusing when it comes to portion size. The whole fruit rule that applies to bananas and apples thankfully isn't the same here because munching your way through a whole pineapple would take quite some time. The good news is that you can get a portion of fruit in just one large slice of pineapple so a whole fruit will go a long way to bumping up your family's daily five-a-day count.

More fruit and veg portion sizes
1 x apple, banana, pear, orange, nectarine
2 x plums, satsumas, kiwi fruit
3 x apricots
7 x strawberries
14 x cherries
5cm slice melon, pineapple
4 x heaped tbsp cooked kale, spring greens, green beans
3 x sticks celery
1 x medium tomato
7 x cherry tomatoes
4 x heaped tbsp blueberries
1 x cup pomergranate seeds
3 x heaped tbsp carrots and peas
2 x heaped tbsp spinach
8 x brussel sprouts

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