Moroccan chicken pockets

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Moroccan chicken pocket
Moroccan chicken pocket
  • Serves: 1

Stuffed pitta bread is versatile and makes a change from sandwiches - plus pitta bread is less messy than a sarnie.


  • Pitta bread
  • Shredded, skinless chicken breasts
  • A handful of dried apricots
  • A handful of parsley
  • Greek yogurt
  • Iceberg lettuce, shredded

To make a vegetarian version of this recipe replace the chicken with cheese and spread the pitta bread with mayonnaise or crème fraîche. Give your kids a balanced lunchbox with a portion of fruit, a small carton of water or juice and some oat crunchies or other cereal.


  1. Cut open the pitta bread, either cut in half across the middle or slice along the side, whatever you prefer.
  2. Stuff half the pitta with the shredded lettuce.
  3. Chop the dried apricots and mix with the shredded chicken, yogurt and parsley.
  4. Fill the rest of the pitta with the chicken mixture.

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claire sen

I found this a little bland but it was would be useful to know how many calories are in this just so i can keep track for myself!


Thanks for some super ideas .... But my daughter is allergic to cheese. Not milk, cream or yoghurt, just cheese. So any ideas that don't have cheese will be really welcome.

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