March seasonal food

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Poached rhubarb with orange mascarpone
In March, the weather (hopefully!) warms up, getting you in the mood for lighter dishes with spinach, spring onions and watercress coming into season. Enjoy the last of the mussels and oysters.

Kiwi fruit
Lemons (end of main season)
Oranges (end of main season)
Passion fruit (end of season)
Pomegranates (end of season)

Celeriac (end of season)
Leeks (end of season)
Peppers (coming into season)
Purple sprouting broccoli
Shallots (end of season)
Spinach (comes into season mid-March)
Spring onions (coming into season)

Rabbit (still available)
Turkey (still available)

Fish and seafood
Mussels (end of season)
Oysters (end of season)

Our favourite seasonal March recipes
Spinach pie with peperonata (pictured)
Goat's cheese with watercress salad
Garlic and wine mussels
Sausage and spring onion meatball pasta
Creamy spinach and roasted vegetable lasagne

Click on a month below to see what's in season and get inspired by our seasonal recipes.

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