£40 weekly meal planner

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Cheap weekly meal planner
With food prices up a whopping 12% this year, you may find that there's a lot less in your shopping basket for the same money.

To help you make the most of your food shopping, we've put together 4 weeks worth of cheap family recipes that will feed a family of four for just £40 a week.

Some websites offer meals for under a fiver, but you soon realise you can't buy single eggs and tablespoons of milk - and suddenly your meal isn't looking so cheap. Here, we've done the sums for you and added what you'll need for the week without cheating on the quantities you need to buy products in.

Take a look at our monthly meal planner and download the shopping list to take with you - you can even print out the meal planner to stick on your fridge! 


- Week 1 shopping list


- Week 2 shopping list 



- Week 3 shopping list

- Week 4 shopping list


- Print off you meal planners and stick them on the fridge! 

    - Week 1 & 2 meal planners 

    - Week 3 & 4 meal planners 


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great stuff! But are you going to carry on giving us weekly menus?? I'm certainly going to give this one a try. Thank you


Recepies are excellent but one meal a day doesn't feed a family for &#194&#16340.

Anna Reckseik

can I see a meal plan please with brekkie and lunch as fair enough this is 40 a week but its only dinner lol


The title is £40 weekly MEAL planner not weekly shopping planner hence why there isn't any lunch or breakfast


I think this is a very good site and we should all be realistic and realise that these recipe sites can't cater for every single circumstances or dietary need. I live alone so have to work out meals that will use some items more than once. So they don't get wasted. Its good they cost things by the pack rather than one egg or any other things not sold individually. Shame we can't though Lol Good job I love eggs. And it is nearly Easter. Ha ha.


Wow, some pretty shitty response there :( I realise in areas you can source different items cheaper than else where but there is no way I could buy all the ingredients to make either of these weeks menus for £40 and feed a family of four..... I spent £25 this week just on fruit veg and salad! (but to be fair I don't buy crisps and junk as these are treats so my kids snack on fruit/cooked meats/yogurts be fair I think my kids would lynch me if I presented them a pasta bake with only 3 pieces of broccoli in it (so I could save the rest for a different dish) when they would rather have the whole bushel to themselves :(..... Is this a menu for a single person or chldless couple?


Hmm hello? Breakfast and lunch should be included in a weekly food budget... that would push the price up to 50 or 60 i'd say.

Sharon Robinson

Does anyone have the recipe for irish beef lasagne as it does not appear to be available on here


Good ideas but I would prefer more veges too. So I take it that's only £ 40 meant for dinners? Because if I add breakfast and lunch then it's another 40 pounds on top of that. And that's four of us.


Firstly - These must be the most nasty bitchy spiteful responses i have ever read in response to what actually is a fair comment and point being made - wind your necks in internet trolls, oh and hilariously you're clueless about dietry needs yourself obviously - wait for your PMT to pass and bully someone face to face instead for a change. Going back to something worth talking about ... Advice is given that a balanced meal consists of PRECISELY those ratios in order to achieve a balanced diet, protein should be roughly a fist sized portion, starch/carbs the same and veg you can eat as much as you like but a rough guide is 25/25/50. Countess fresh fruit and veg can be expensive but frozen can work out much cheaper, you can also look at making soups etc with any leftovers, for example chicken bones make a great stock and you may find this makes you food go further. My step son and my youngest son are both Coeliacs and if you're prepared to cook from scratch you can adjust these meals to suit


I think the Countess spends £70 because her plates are 4 times larger than the rest of us. THIS is the reason she is fat, not because of the pasta. Let's face it, a website with a £40 a week spend on is never gonna keep the chunky monkeys happy, is it? I on the other hand think there are some great value menus here, for those on a normal portion diet.


Just found this fab website...the meals look really good we are giving this a go :)) although I suspect my 40per week prices might change well worth a try ..


A fantastic very impressive,well organized, very useful page, and informative page. BRAVO!!!!


Who says it has to be a quarter, a quarter and half? And 'like I am gluten and wheat intolerant and pasta makes me fat!!' Why does this article have to revolve around you and your fat? If you're only buying enough meat to fill a quarter of two plates and enough veg to fill half then how on earth do you manage to spend £70 a week??? Family of 6 here and my lot eat plenty of fruit, veg and good quality meat. I never spend £70!


Where are all the veggies??? A plate should be ONE quarter meat, ONE quarter starch, ie rice, pasta and HALF veg! Would be nice to see a good week plan for those of us who NEED veggies, like I am gluten and wheat intolerant and pasta makes me fat!! :( There are opnly two of us but I am trolling internet cos we can't seem to shop for less than £70 a week and this is AFTER buying loads of the budget brands!!

Katie goodtoknow

Hi all - don't forget we've got more great cheap food deals here: Katie


Has anyone recipes for a good diet for a gout sufferer?

GTK recipes ed

Hi Josie, Have you seen our Brighton Rock Buns? They're similar to rock cakes and you could always replace the currants with raspberries. Let us know if this is the sort of recipe you were looking for :)


Please can you help me. When I was at school50 odd years ago we made some buns called raspberry buns. I think they are like rock cakes. Have you a recipe for them please.


This is so useful! I'd also like to have lunch ideas for the weekend though and some cheap and not too difficult to make desserts. As a family, we eat porridge with fruit/syrup and toast in the morning which is dirt cheap (and healthy!) so my weekly shop isn't really increased by breakfast. And for lunch, the kids eat at school and my husband and I buy sandwiches, expensive yes but for convenience it's worth it and I'd rather save on my main shop than make lunch each day too - couldnt face that!


Some good meal ideas and the recipes are all easy to follow, but will there be more weekly menus?


Good idea and i have tried and tested a few of the recipes but i agree - it's expensive and one meal per day definately doesn't feed my family for &#194&#16340.


Some good recipes there, but have to agree with others, what do you feel your family for the other 2 meals?


i think that &#194&#16320per head is quite expensive for a week. i run a cafe supplying an alternative to meals on wheels but i make them nicer and bigger portions and i can do this for just over &#194&#1632.00 per person per meal. this works out at &#194&#16314.70 per week. and dont forget that you still have to buy for breakfast,lunch and any snacks so be careful you've checked all the extras also.

Elaine sanders

the recepies sound nice but i cant have spicy food due to health problems


yes this is a good idea, but not if you are on a gluten and dairy free diets, then the costs of buying the speicel foods you need it has almost doubled, un less you are one of the lucky one's who get most of the basics from the doctors, if not you are looking at &#194&#16360 plus for a week


I agree, great idea doing the shopping list and everything, but is there only ever going to be this one week's shopping? I did this over a month ago and i've had to fend for myself since!!!

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