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Mary Berry's aubergine five-nut roast
6. Lazy or labour of love - should you make your own gravy?
Yes definitely! Make stock from the giblets the day before - any leftover gravy can be added to <a href="/food/279459/Christmas-recipe-generator--Boxing-Day
">Boxing Day soup.

7. We get the mains and desserts, but what's a good Christmas starter?
Stilton and leek tartlets (pictured) or simple antipasto of smoked fish.

8. Veggie guests - what's a good festive dish?
Aubergine five nut roast from the new book.

9. Are sprouts the devil's work? What veg will you be eating?
Sprouts are a must for Christmas but must not be overcooked - my mother prepares them with a cross in the base. I also make celeriac puree which is great. Make a day ahead and reheat.

10. Half-an-hour to make nibbles for a party. Go!
Make a couple of dips in the processor - mayo, yoghurt, red pepper, lemon juice and herbs.

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