Hairy Bikers' Christmas Special

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The Hairy Bikers: The Twelve Days of Christmas

Last year on The Hairy Bikers' Twelve Days of Christmas the boys used the classic Christmas song to invent delicious festive recipes for your dinner table.

And we have lots of their recipes you saw on the show right here. We'll give you the Hairy Bikers' version, plus some suggestions of our own. Why not give them a try and let us know how you got on!


Christmas starter:

Hairy Bikers' chicken noodle soup

Also try our chicken & sweetcorn noodle soup

Or our chicken & ginger noodle soup


Christmas main course 1:

Hairy Bikers' roast partridge with festive stuffing

Or you could try our spicy spatchcock partridge


Christmas main course 2:

Hairy Bikers' stuffed chicken thighs

Also try our stuffed chicken pistachio rolls

Or our chicken teriyaki thighs


Christmas main course 3:

Hairy Bikers' citrus chicken breast

Or try Mandy Hughes' citrus chicken


Christmas side dishes:

Hairy Bikers' fondant potatoes

Hairy Bikers' pickled pears

Hairy Bikers' potato latkes


Christmas dessert:

Hairy Bikers' Christmas panna cotta

Or try our panna cotta with poached nectarines


More Hairy Bakers' Christmas recipes:

Hairy Bakers' Christmas pudding

Hairy Bakers' St Clement's cake

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I have been trying to get the recipe for a pudding called the Snow Queen that was on one of the Hairy BIkers show

June Marshall

I would like the recipe you made for the pipers and drummers on your 12 days of Christmas t.v. programme it was a casserole dish with leek mash. Thank you in antisipation. June Marshall

John Alder

Hi I got one of the recipes I wanted Christmas panna cotta this is great but could not fined the beef stew one they did on the Christmas speial.any help please


dear shirley, i found the recipe you are after i think. look for 'gammon with spiced marmalade glaze and 2 zingy salsas' on good luck debbie


looking for the ham recipe that was on last christmas show hairy bikers. have lost my copy, i know that it has orange and apple juice, can anyone help please


i'm looking for the dipped florentine's recipe they made on the christmas special show, can't find it on the web.


the christmas special was amazing i really enjoyed watching them. The cake they did with the replica icing people was fantastic i want to know how to do that it was so amazing. The hairy bikers are my step mums faviourate people for food the are a star to her and she wishes that she could see them so that she could get some tips of of them because she also wants to know how to do the cake but with differnt people on i.e. for peoples birthday :)

carol maxwell

I watched the hairy bikers christmas special. Thought it was brilliant. Was looking for the mince pie recipe the used fresh orange insted of water. Cant find the recipe on the web if you could please sent me it via email. It would be much appreciated. Carol Maxwell

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