Easy chocolate chip cookies

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Easy chocolate chip cookies are a very popular treat to make when you want a homemade indulgence in no time. Our chop chip cookies recipe makes deliciously chocolatey and chewy cookies, so it’s definitely worth giving it a try – you can even try baking the chocolate chip cookies with the kids. This easy chocolate chip cookies recipe will show you how to make chocolate chip cookies in just five easy steps and with only eight ingredients that you probably already have in your cupboard. To make this easy chocolate chip cookies, you will only need 10 mins of prepping and another 20 mins to bake them in the oven – which means you’re only 30 mins away from making delicious choc chip cookies from scratch. There's something so comforting about it and it's immediately welcoming - especially when you've got people coming over. These chocolate chip cookies are going to make you very popular in your household – trust us!

If you want to make extra chocolaty cookies we'd recommend using 200g of chocolate otherwise stick to 100g chocolate for a classic chocolate chip cookie


To make your chocolate chip cookies, you will need:
  • 225g (1 cup) caster sugar
  • 300g (2 cups) plain flour (sifted)
  • 200g (1 cup) of butter melted
  • 1tsp vanilla extract
  • 1tsp of baking powder
  • A pinch of salt
  • 1 egg
  • 100g-200g chocolate bar or chocolate chips (if you want to make them as chocolate chip biscuits)


  1. Add the sugar and melted butter in a bowl and mix together - a wooden spoon is fine, no need for a whisk.

  2. Sift the flour, baking powder, vanilla and salt together and add to the sugar and butter mixture. Add the chocolate chips at this stage if you're making chocolate chip cookies.

  3. Mix together using your hand. Once you get a dough texture, add the egg and knead using your hand again.

  4. Spread some butter onto a baking tray. Take some of the dough, roll into ball then flatten a little. Keep them on the small side as they spread out during baking. Also, don't keep biscuits close to each other otherwise they will get stuck together.

  5. Place in the oven and bake at 160C, gas 3 for 10-20 mins. The bigger the cookies, the longer they'll take to cook. They're ready when the edges are a bit golden.

Nutritional information

Guideline Daily Amount for 2,000 calories per day are: 70g fat, 20g saturated fat, 90g sugar, 6g salt.

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Mrs hussain

baked today and the cookies came out really yummy. Kids they really loved it. This is the first time I try to make chocolate chip cookies I'm really surprise thanks for sharing,


it was brilliant


How much chocolate do you use

hannah banna

how long do u bake it for


Made these biscuits and they were a great success in our family, much better than shop biscuits, thank you x


Fantastic recipe, easy to do and fun for the kids. We cooked these on approx 170 degrees for 20 minutes (we made them quite fat) they do spread quite a lot but we expected it and so left lots of room around the cookies and used two trays. Made 22 cookies! Thanks..

Mini Khan

too much sugar ...but rest of the recipe is good

Katy goodtoknow Recipes

Hi Jacqueline - sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the recipe - did you use the 225g measurement of sugar?

Jacqueline Rich

it was bad , so much suger told to use than actually requiered , now my daughter is feeling really ill so it sucks !!lol no joke -_-


love this recipe! me and my best friend made some yesterday and all of us haven't been able to stop munching on them. Quick and easy to make too, would deffo reccommend to anyone :)


made these exactly as the recipe says, with plain flour and granulated sugar and they came out lovely! we made ours very thick though so took around 25 mins in the oven at 160degrees.


what flour is needed


We used caster sugar, and just used the same size cup throughout (although we ended up using about three cups of flour as when adding the egg the mixture went sticky...they were delicious!! However, we left the vanilla essence and baking powder we didn't have any...still scrummy though! Also, we cooked these on 160 c, for about 15 minutes. Very easy!

Anne Bennett

What kind of sugar? I cup of granulated is 6oz but 1 cup of caster suger is 8oz, biscuits often use soft brown sugar - help!

Jodie Mason

Hi, I tried this recipe at precisely 9pm after my nap. (Needed sugar) They turned out horrendous. I now feel terribly sick and am very uncomfortable, I also need a dentist appointment immediately from the amount of Nutella I had to put in between what came out as some kind of chocolate chip scone. I would not say this recipe is 'easy' at all. P.s. my maths is awful, my proportions were incorrectly weighed but I need somebody to take it out on. Regards. Jo.


Great recipe, I helped 5 year old granddaughter make these, so quick and easy and tasty,only lasted 5 minutes once everyone came home

Charlie Thomas

how long do they chill for before baking?

Kaitlyn White

I had really small cookies and there turned out to be 33! The recipe was great though! Not to mention I only wanted 12 so I halved it.


Great recipe to do with kids!! A success!


I found the cookies to dry so in the end I have started using half a cup of milk and they turned out great

Lydia Easter

Soooo nice, added dark and light chock chips, crushed up some unsalted mixed nuts and some drinking chocolate powder.. we cooked for ten minutes at 155 (fan assisted oven) and they were crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside... ummmm, so good.. ;)

abbie tough

added extra cup of flour & grated in half bar of dark choc & used 2/3cup sugar. lovely


This is one of the quickest and easiest recipes for Choc Chip Cookies I've ever made. They tasted great.


These were amazing! We couldn't get enough of them! Even though after adding the egg mixture the batter became quite sticky, it was still great! Instead of adding chocolate chips, I inserted half a square of cadbury chocolate into the middle of the dough ball. Then, once the cookies were cooked, the chocolate melted out from the middle once bitten into.


The chocolate chips melted and I wasn't very pleased with it.


Always use this recipe for chocolate chip cookies always yummy


Mine came out crunchy? are they supposed to?

Kelly Roxanne

Just made these with my kids.. Like someone else said I had to add more flour as it was very sticky, in the oven now but don't look like they're cooking that well. will have to see how they turn out xx


r they mini cookies or big ones

Catherine Staffy

I use extra find sugar and it works for me. You can grind granulated sugar in a mini multi mixer.


Surprised, but this actually worked well! Changes I made were: I mixed the egg in with the butter and sugar, since I didn't want to knead with my hands; I put the vanilla in with the wet ingredients, as is logical; I used baking paper instead of greasing the baking sheet. Oh, and I made them with gluten-free flour. Tasty!


We baked at 170o C for 10 minutes (for 60 cookies .. so would take longer for bigger cookies) ... just when the sides started to brown/golden a little. We put loads of choc chips in so they were excessively yummy!


The recipe says plain ... so not self-raising etc.


i tried this recipe and gave one to my choc chip cookie addict son and he said they were ok and left a nasty bitter aftertaste




This isn't very detailed. They turned out O.K though.


how long do you have to cook it for, and at want temperature do you cook at


for gas ovens what gas mark and how long?


Tasted amazing my oven is not the best but they came out moist or you can make them crunchy

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