Exclusive Phil Vickery interview: The best of British food

Celebrity chef Phil Vickery has won a Michelin star for his British grub, so when he came into goodtoknow we asked him about his favourite British recipes that you can make at home. We've got loads more of Phil's tips, tricks and recipes from this exclusive series of interviews so keep an eye out for next week's edition on the best way to barbecue...
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All of our British recipes:
The best of British food

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British recipes Phil loves:
Lancashire hot pot
Roast dinners
Steak and kidney pudding
Spotted dick
Treacle sponge
Strawberry sundae
Sausages with red onion gravy
Pork chops with penne
Belly pork with leek potato mash
Bacon and herby scrambled eggs

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Apple crumble
Lemon turkey meatballs with broccoli and tagliatelle

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