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New issue ON SALE Thursday 4th December! Only £2.40

Helping you to plan cheap, quick, easy and healthy meals for the family.



Inside the NEW January issue... On sale 4th December – 3rd January 2014. Happy New Year!

  • 20 speedy seasonal meals
  • Comfort food recipes from Jamie Oliver
  • Big dish dinners for feeding a crowd
  • School holiday bakes to keep the kids busy
  • Party buffet menus that'll wow your friends and family
  • Healthy winter warmers (including a decadent chocolate pud)
  • Cocktails to get the party started! 

  • Showstopping celebration cakes you won't want to miss
  • On-trend mini desserts from pavlovas to brownies
  • Victoria Threader's super sparkly New Year cupcakes
  • And LOADS more... 


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Cheryl Sherpinski

Is the GoodtoKnow Recipes available outside the UK? I follow online but live in the USA.


Hi Love the magazine, but could you include nutrition information with each recipe? Would be helpful in planning the days meals and also deciding how much to split certain things into, like cakes and casseroles. Thank you!


hej i live in Malta and its available from agenda book shop. ive been buying it for the past 5 months!!


Hi there, love the magazine how many issues have there been think I have got 3 including the new one out


really love this magazine, when is the next issue available to buy? do you do a magazine that jusy has healthy eating?

Helen Grounds

Do you do a magazine just for baking? I have tried many of the cupcakes and would love to see the recipes in one magazine or cook book

GTK Recipes ed

Hi Mel That's not good! You should be able to find the magazine in all the main supermarkets. Sometimes it sits with the weekly women's magazines and sometimes with the other food titles so do look in both places. Or you could subscribe - each issue works out at just &#195&#130&#194&#1631.96. Bargain! P.S. Glad everyone else is loving the mag. Any requests for what you'd like to see in future issues?

Melanie Mcloughlin

Would love to buy the 1st April edition as bought the others but cant buy it anywhere!!


i love to cook and i love your mags. i've got all four of them.i also get woman's weekly. love the recipes but i would like you to have alternatives, for example you use Oatly Oat i live in Malta where i never heard of it and if i did and it's not in a supermarket nearby i wouldn't be able to get it. so please can you tell us what we can use when you use certain products in your recipes.that's my onlygrumble. FAB MAG IN ANY OTHER WAY. thank you


I love this magazine, have bought the last three and will be subscribing. I've tried lots of the recipes and they have been really delicious. Thanks for a great mag.


i have just found this fab mag!!!there is loads of quick cheap+easy recipies,fantastic for feeding the family,well impressed,hence i have just subscribed for 12 months!


How I agree with Gina. I would love to have a section in the magazine each month dedicated to couples & single people. Or if not to be told which recipes are freezable so that can cook for 4 and freeze 2 portions.


I'm a student and it's really hard to mak good food on Low money, I was literally eating things like chips and eggs for weeks because i thought unhealthy ready meals and cheap easy ready made foods was the only way to get through! It was my step mum who introduced me to the magazine and then from that i found the website, and its the best things ever! I did my first back at uni shop this week and all i spent was &#194&#16322.60! From that i had chosen 7 different recipes and then gone out to buy the stuff, its amazing how you can double up on alot of products you buy like cheese, and sausages are always on offer! Just wanted to say thanks, i can be a healthy happy student now : )!!!


I love the recipes but most of the are for four people, I am a single parent with a grown-up daughter and would like to see more recipes for two people or at least meals that can be made for four and freeze half maybe using the same ingredients for different meals.




Have bought the first two and the recipes are brilliant, plenty of variety. I have tried quite a few and they have been delicious. Can't wait for the May edition.


Bought the first two and I love it kids love looking at it and picking out new meals to try


Hi I view your magazine on line as I live in Perth W.A., I wondered if there was any possibility of overseas subscriptions as I would love to order this mag..... thanks


my boyfriend spotted this mag... i don't read mags... it looked inspirational he said so he bought it... in the hope that he could follow a recipe in it and cook for me at my place... that has'nt happened yet. I can't put the mag down i find it fantastic... I am at this site typing this now.. as i am going to view the videos now... I WILL BE BUYING THIS MAG FROM NOW ON..

Online Recipes editor

Hi Everyone (Karen in particular), We're so glad you're enjoying the magazine! Just to let you know that the 'What's in my fridge' tool is now back on the right of all recipe articles. Just enter a couple of items you've got in the house and we'll find you a recipe that uses them up - simple as that! We always love to hear from you so keep letting us know your thoughts. All the best, Charlotte.


Purchased it for inspiration for meal times and think it's great. Have not cooked a "pre-packed" meal since and both of my girl (aged 2 & 4) have enjoyed every meal and asked if they can have them again. I even got a copy for my mum!! Roll on Thursday for the next issue.


love this new mag was recommed to me by a friend, when my sub runs out with good food with be transfering to this mag, just what I was looking from in a mag full of reciepes that are do-a-ble for the normal person. Hope next months is just as good. looking forward to buying it


Love love love this new mag!!! Keep up the good work!!

Online recipes editor

Hi Karen, I'm afraid the 'what's in my fridge tool' has been temporarily removed from the site to fix a tiny glitch with it, but I can assure you it will be back on the right hand side of all recipe pages from the end of Jan '10. We're really sorry Karen. We hope you continue to enjoy the site and the magazine :)

karen johnson

Hi there, i have just purchased your new magazine and think it is fantastic, when i got to page 63 there is a brilliant feature, What's in my fridge? where we tell you what we have in our fridges and you create a recipe for us on recipe creator, but i cannot find it anywhere on your site, what am i doing wrong, please help! Many Thanks, Karen.

Online Recipes editor

Hi Cheryl, The magazine is available in the US. The price of magazine is &#1632.20 plus you need to add on postage and packaging at the following rates (&#1631.40 UK, &#1633.50 EU, &#1635.85 Rest of World). If you call 01733 385 170 or visit, you can put in an order or find out more! Thanks for your interest. Charlotte.

Emma Rist

I haven't been able to get a copy of the magazine since before christmas


My newsagent here in Spain is having problems obtaining the magazine and has told me its not available any longer?

Michelle Dakers

When is the next issue due out - have not seen since the one before Christmas? Is it no longer being printed?


My newsagent seems to be struggling to get my copy of Good to Know Magazine, I haven't received a copy since the one that came out in December (January 2015), is there a problem with circulation?

Charlotte Gunn

Looks amazing!

Sharon Fulbrook

Just made the cover recipe for this month! It's lovely :)


Have just made this months cover recipe!! It's lovely :)

Charlotte Gunn

Hi Karen, I'll make sure your feedback gets passed on. In the meantime, have you seen our gluten-free cakes section on the website?


Could you do some recipes for people that cant have Wheat/Gluten please, we like to eat cakes just like other people

Luca Cipriani

I would like to take a subscription to this food magazine but i live abroad (Italy): how can i do? Thanks

Sarah Allard

3 days until the latest issue of the magazine is out! Who's going to be buying this month? All sorts of lovely new recipes from your fave celeb chefs plus 28 delicious seasonal saver recipes! Sarah x


I have just received the November 2011 issue. There is a competition on the 13th page to win a £500 baking set including a Kitchenaid. I want to enter but there are no details on how to do this. Can you please advise?


Hi, Can someone please tell me how I can order back issues as I seem to have misplaced my June 2010 issue, this also happens to have one of my recipes in it as well. Many thanks

Holly Recipes Assistant

Loving the Royal Wedding cupcakes in this month's issue! We've now got videos to go with the recipes see them here

Jolene goodtoknow Editor

How's everyone getting on with this month's issue? Any requests for the next one?


I adore this magazine and have bought it since the first issue. My boyfriend and I are both students and live together and thanks to your magazine, we are able to eat fantastic, healthy food with a huge variety of ingredients on a budget. Thank you so much!


Hi It is so good to see a magazine that is decidated to recipes and not some of the magazines where it is took up with adverts. I have purchased this magazine since the first issue and have colelcted them all and keep up the good work it is a fab magazine and dont spoil it with adding articles and things that are not food related Good work and keep it up it is brill

GTK Editor

Hi everyone - it's just over a week until our Christmas issue of goodtoknow Recipes goes on sale. We're very excited about our first Christmas issue. One of the highlights is special Christmas cupcakes from our baking queen, Victoria Threader. We'll also be running her step-by-step videos on the site from November so you can cook along too. We'd love to know what you think of them and the other recipes! Thanks, Jolene


This is the best ever food magazine - I love it and have now been given a subscription to it as a Birthday gift, looking forward to the next edition dropping through my letterbox


I bought this magazine yesterday and so far we have tried 3 recipes and trying number 4 for dinner!! Seriously considering subscribing to this magazine as its better than a cookbook!


just had to write again. your mag drives me crazy. just can't stop trying out recipes. i've just had the gingerbread men out of the oven. i was a bit uncertain as the dough turned out very soft but they came out great. i also tried the courgette frittata and my son and husband and i loved it. made the maltesers cake for my son early this month for his birthday and i've made the leopard loaf i don't know how many times.i ommitted the semolina and used sesame seeds.those are just a few. thanks and keep it up. can't wait for the next issue


when do you update your competition winners page?

Liz Monk

I subscribe to this magazine. My one comment is that they do not state whether they are freezable. As a pensioner, it would be useful if I know in order that I can use the whole recipe and then freeze half for another meal. Other food magazines do seem to let you know if recipes are freezable.


I love the magazine but find it hard tracking down issues, i went to a huge tesco the other day and they did not have it, neither did sainsburies!!! xx

sharon heath

I subscribe to four cookery magazines and buy a further two each month, but this is certainly my favourite and now subscribe, but would love to see the nutritional values, all the other mags have them, is this something you would consider doing?

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